FULL BODY ROUTINE: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

full body routine for woman

Full body routine? Nowadays, one of the most popular and practiced Hobbies for teenagers and young adults is to tone up their bodies at the gym or home.

Both men and women seek to improve their physical appearance with constant training and exercise sessions.
full body routine at home

full body routine

However, there are specific differences between the kind of exercises that both genders must perform.

In this article, we will explain which is the best routine a woman should follow to have a better and proper physical training, either in a gym or in her own home.

In this routine, if we want to do it at home, we will only need some dumbbells that are suitable for us and our strength.

Physical endurance

Many studies show that women have greater physical endurance than men, so they tend to put more effort into anybody's training.

However, it should be stressed that even knowing this. We have to avoid overexerting yourself because you may be at risk of suffering some muscle tearing.

Generally, when we set out to do physical exercises to get our bodies in better shape, we don't usually hire an expert or a trainer to keep us on the sidelines and guide us through the process.

Risks of a Bad Workout routine

full body routine, warm up before working-out

Since it is a habit, we like to have more freedom and be able to do what we want without a kind of mediator or coach since that would lead to an economic expense and deprive us of our time.

I don't recommend that due to the dangers that may occur later. The most common complications of a lousy exercise routine are:

  • Muscle tears.
  • Also, you can suffer neck and spinal pain.
  • You can get injuries and constant pain.
  • Ligament tears.
  • In the most extreme cases, heart rhythm complications.

To avoid this type of error, we have analyzed and studied a useful and practical method to use in a constant routine and thus be able to have a beautiful and healthy body.

Table of Contents

What would be the best Full Body routine for a woman?

There are different types of routines to tone the body. We will explain each one of them step by step below.

These routines should be done with a program every two days and in which we can train at the gym or home.

That is important since we will fulfill the objective of losing weight and reducing fat while maintaining a healthy body free of possible muscular pains.

full body routine

Experts and physicians recommend that before doing any intensive or moderate exercise program, we need a medical evaluation first.

This way, we can avoid possible illnesses or limitations that would harm our health when starting the program.

Training days

In this Full Body routine, the days to be programmed would be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; on these days, you will start with some light muscle warm-up exercises at the beginning of each workout of the program.

We will rest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and so on every week.

For a proper workout, we will need two dumbbells with a moderate weight with which we can do the exercises with a proper technique.

It is important not to demand too much of the body, especially at the beginning, because as we advance, you may start to feel slight pains that will become more acute if you do not take adequate breaks.

You should always leave a day of rest between training sessions; on those days you should eat properly.

The days are entirely rotated and selected by each of us. We will change the sessions and exercises when four weeks have passed, at which time we will change our routine.

The training to be done through this program will be a total of eight (8): Back, chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps, abdomen, legs, and buttocks.


What will be the program to follow?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

As it will be our start day, we should start with some simple warm-up exercises.

We emphasize again that we should not demand from the body in constant and hard sessions if we have not done them for a long time or if we have never trained. On this day, we will start with some light body warming up before the session.

Warm-ups can last up to 5 minutes but can be extended for another 5 or 10 minutes if necessary for a specific exercise or sport.

During these periods, we have to do progressive mobilization exercises of the main joints to avoid injuries, which are:

  • Neck.
  • Back.
  • Shoulders.
  • Back. Shoulders.
  • Knees.
  • Ankles and feet.

We must perform several sessions of 2 to 3 times of about ten movements in each of them. That is to prevent the body from suddenly tearing or cramping.

After the warm-up, we will start our Full Body routine. In this workout plan, we will train all the muscle groups.

Now I leave you with two workouts routines, with a full-body workout for home and another for the gym.

Full body workout routine at home

Hip hinge 3x10
Pushups 3x10
Front and lateral raises 3x8
Dumbbell biceps curls 3x10
Triceps kicks 3x10
Glute bridge 3x10
Squats 3x10
Crunches 3x15
Reverse crunches 3x15

We will end the session with a 45-minute walk at a very lively rhythm.

Full body workout routine in the gym

Lat pulldown 3x10
Bench press 3x10
Front and lateral raises 3x8
Dumbbell biceps curls 3x10
Triceps kicks 3x10
Squats 3x10
Hip thrust 3x10
Crunches 3x15
Reverse crunches 3x15

We will finish the workout on Monday with a 30 minutes cardio session. We will choose the exercise that we like the most.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

We will take these days off to recover from this demanding training. You must eat well, do not stuff yourself with junk food because you will lose all your progress.

We always recommend if you want to eat "junk" food, that you do it only one day a week so that you can afford that whim.

Full-body workout routine

After the warm-up, we will start our Full Body routine. In this, we will train all the muscle groups.


In the gym

On this day we will start with the back; if we are in the gym, we will use the pulley machine to make 3 sets of Lat Pull-downs, doing 10 repetitions.

At home

If we are at home, we can perform hip hinges, which consists of flexing the body forward, up to the height of the hip, we will exercise the dorsal with this maneuver.

Here you have a video tutorial where you will learn the correct exercise technique.

They will have to be done in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.


Now we'll train the pectoral muscles, so crucial for enhancing our breasts. In the breast position, we have to do it lying down on a bench or chair, big enough to support the back, neck, and head.

In the gym

Press de banca para una Rutina Full Body

Here we are going to do possibly the most important exercise of all those performed in a gym, the bench press.

Do three sets of 10 reps each.

At home

We will use two dumbbells to do a chest press lying down. If you don't have them, you can do pushups.


Try to do them with your feet; if you don't have enough strength to complete the scheduled repetitions, you can do them with your knees.
Do three sets of 10 reps.


We have already made progress in our exercise cycle. We will continue to exercise the deltoids.

Aren't you going to wear a strapless dress or a top? With this exercise, you will wear these clothes more often.

In the gym

Now we're going to do three supersets alternating the front dumbbell shoulder raises with the lateral raises.
Here I leave you with two tutorials on how to do the frontal and lateral raises, performing them with the correct technique is fundamental.

Don't think about the weight; just do the exercise right.

With the Lateral Elevations, we'll do the same as with the Side Raises. Three sets of 10 repetitions, always with perfect technique.

At home

We will do Front and lateral raises, we should have some dumbbells for that; even at home.

front and lateral raises supersets

We will do three supersets of 10 repetitions of each exercise, using a moderate weight that allows us to perform them with a correct technique.

If you don't have dumbbells, do twice as many repetitions, but it won't have the same effect.


We will continue with a Bicep movement, which will consist of 3 sets of 10 repetitions, both at home and in the gym.

In the gym

To train this muscle, we will do an alternate Curl. We will use dumbbells with a moderate weight.

As with the rest of our routine, we will use the appropriate weight to execute each repetition with the correct technique.
Do three sets of 10 repetitions.

Just like the rest of our routine, we will use the right weight to execute each repetition with the correct technique.

At home

Remember that you have to use dumbbells for this exercise if you don't have them double the number of repetitions. Also, you should squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement for greater effectiveness.

biceps curls


To train this muscle we will do some triceps back kicks, we will also use dumbbells that are not too heavy and we can execute the exercise correctly.

In the gym

Now, to train this muscle in the gym, we will do some tricep back kicks. We will also use some dumbbells that are not too heavy, and we can execute the exercise correctly.

Do three sets of 10 reps.

At home

To train this muscle, you also need dumbbells, if you don't have them, double the number of repetitions and squeeze the triceps when you get to the top.
Patadas de tríceps en Rutina Full Body
Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.

Legs and Gluts

It is important to emphasize that, before this session, we must warm up the hip, knees, and ankles more than anything else; these joints are essential since a slight cramp could lead to acute pain.

In the gym


We will perform three sets of Squats without weight or with it if it is too easy, in the first delivery, we do three sets of heavy squats, doing ten repetitions.

It is vital to do this exercise with the correct technique and a rigorous style.

It is essential to mention that we should take a slight break of no more than 5 minutes if we feel some exhaustion.

At home

We will now perform the squatting movement for legs. This exercise is terrific for our thighs and buttocks.

sentadilla sin peso

If you find this movement too easy, try to hold two dumbbells in your hands.
Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.


The tummy routine will be the same for home and the gym.

Something needs to be taken into consideration here. If you have pain or discomfort in your stomach, we recommend you avoid this and other types of exercise until you are completely relieved.

This exercise will require three sets of 15 repetitions. Since it is a strenuous exercise, you will look tired within minutes of starting it. We recommend you rest and take a break for at least 2 minutes and then resume your workout.

You can work out the abdomen in two ways, crunches and reverse crunches, both of which are feasible, and you can also perform both.


However, it must be adjusted to the programmed, a series of 2 times with 5 repetitions for both, 5 times for normal and 5 times for inverted.

Reverse Crunches

Duration of the Full Body routine program

We will do this routine or circuit on the above mentioned days during one month, at the end of this period we will change exercises.

We will do this because our body tends to get used to the training. If this happens, we will lose effectiveness in it.

What type of dumbbells should I use?

Although there are different types of shapes, sizes, and weights in dumbbells, it is necessary to know which type of dumbbells are the best to use for this type of training.

If you want to burn calories, it is needed to lift weights, which develops muscles and burns our fat.

However, we need to know what kind of load is right for us when choosing dumbbells. If we lift too light a weight, we are not doing anything, and we are wasting our time.

On the other hand, if we raise too much weight, it would be dangerous, and we could injure ourselves or, in the worst case, acquire a hernia.

What dumbbell do I use?

So in light of the above, what is our ideal dumbbell? Or which one should we use?

It would be more appropriate to ask our professional instructor since he can know what our perfect weight to lift is. However, if we do not have the help of expert staff, we must consider certain things when choosing.

Usually, experts in the field say that men can lift without ever having exercised a weight of around 11lbs (5kg). They also say that the appropriate weight that women can start with is around 4lbd (2kg).

However, this is not entirely true, as not all bodies are the same and need or require other types of training.

The ideal weight at which a woman should start using dumbbells would be from 4lbs (2kg).

I recommend if you are a beginner that you use dumbbells of between 2 and 4 pounds to start with, it is a good starting point.

Don't you have them yet? Go to your nearest store and buy them NOW! You can also order them through Amazon to get them to you today.

dumbbells for this workout

When do I increase my dumbbell weights?

As you gain strength progressively through exercise, the load will increase.

We recommend that in the second week if you notice any slight increase in your forearm strength, you increase the load to your dumbbell to about 6 pounds and so on.

According to one estimate, the amount of resistance that a human being gains from exercise can range from 3 to 4 weeks, gaining a slight change per month.

You can use this information to give you an idea of the amount of strength and methods you can use when performing your scheduled sessions.

What kind of food should be consumed in this program?

appropriate foods for this routine

To maintain a healthy body and optimal exercise conditions, you must take into account the fact that you need to have a strict and balanced diet.

The body needs components that, without them, we could not withstand the training conditions we give it.

To be able to continue and follow our routines, we must consume carbohydrates, proteins, and fat; the latter must be meat, which provides us with the energy necessary to maintain our rhythm and health.

Before doing any exercise or on days off, we recommend you to eat some kind of meat and chicken with some type of drink such as a banana shake or skimmed milkshake.

Everything you ingest between 2 and 8 hours before starting any kind of training influences your body and allows you to continue or stop your progress, respectively, as we are.

It is fundamental in all senses the constant use of water, always keep a glass or a thermos or a bottle with cold water at hand.
This element is essential since it is the basis of the hydration we will need to resist the exercises in the program.

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