What is yesotherapy and what are its benefits?

What is yesotherapy?

Plaster body wrap, also known as yesotherapy, is a weight-loss method that uses plaster structures, specifically a girdle, to wrap the abdomen, compact it entirely. The pressure causes the body to eliminate the fat in a short period, naturally and gradually.

Plaster body wrap therapy is a widely used therapy for weight loss and size reduction in the body's specific areas. The method's main objective is to apply lipolytic plaster bandages on the skin to burn fat and reduce the size of the particular area. It is also useful in reducing stretch marks and cellulite.

If you've ever heard of plaster wrap therapy, you may have wondered, "What is that?" Well, it's a technique used to reduce size in specific areas of the body.

Many of us look for weight loss, especially if we need to do it naturally and sometimes as fast as possible. Although there are several methods to do so, one of them is plaster therapy.

Yesotherapy focuses on losing weight naturally and straightforwardly since the body does all the work. You don't know about it? Keep reading, and we will tell you soon!

Plaster therapy is a way to lose weight, using structures made of plaster, specifically a girdle, to wrap the abdomen and part of the back, compacting it, and the pressure to eliminate the fat naturally gradually.

They also come to wrap the thighs, arms, breasts, and buttocks. As you can see in the name, this word comes from "yeso" (from Latin plaster) and "therapy," since it is a technique performed by several therapeutic clinics in this area.

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Types of yesotherapy or plaster wrap therapy treatment

The benefits of plaster therapy will depend directly on the assessment and type of process to do. Plaster therapy techniques will take place depending on the evaluations or the needs of the user.

Reduction treatment 

If we need a reduction procedure, this process will affect vasodilation by increasing body heat and reducing fatty deposits. With the protocol in reduction therapies, it is advisable to do it once a month at most twice.

Firming treatment 

The firming treatment with yesotherapy is very similar to the reduction treatment, but the process must have a shorter duration not to reduce the effect.

If they are lifting and toning buttocks and bust techniques, this process can not last in the body for more than an hour.

Now you want us to answer the question What plaster is used for plaster therapy? Yes, below, you will know what this cast is and its components.

What is the cast used for yesotherapy?

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The lipolytic plaster is the one used in plaster therapy. This plaster contains natural ingredients and is lighter and dries faster than average. In this therapy, the professionals can not use a regular cast because it is dangerous to the health and heavier.

But what is lipolytic plaster? And more importantly, what is its composition?

The lipolytic plaster is a mineral of evaporite composed of water-soluble minerals. It also contains natural ingredients with tremendous regenerative, slimming, and reducing capacity. Some of these ingredients are algae extract, hydrolyzed collagen, proteins, enzymes, and mineral salts.

How does yesotherapy work?

There is a study conducted by Drs. Nuno CarvalhoJ. S. MoreiraA. S. Carneiro Pinto de MeloA. Noites, and C. A. de Melo and published in Integrative Medicine Research. That study concluded that treatment with plaster therapy is effective in reducing visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Plaster therapy or yesotherapy works by using various types of compounds inside the body to benefit the body in eliminating fat quickly. That is because the plaster presses on the body's areas to burn out the saturated fat in the body.

That is because the cast will squeeze an area in our body to burn the saturated fat in our body. Yesotherapy is an adjunct, something that accompanies a slimming or firming treatment.

It serves as a complement to any body treatment, be it firming, reducing, or shaping. This technique is excellent as an end to treatment, as an end to a session.

This technique allows us to achieve more effective fat loss treatments since the plaster's mineral will serve us to promote that loss.

These girdles contain wet plaster, which has some natural substances, such as oils, reducing properties, and the like. That is what helps the body to eliminate the accumulated fat efficiently.

We don't recommend it for people who have a lot of body size because it can be harmful to their health, especially for heart problems or stress, since it can affect their current state.

What are the benefits of yesotherapy?

  • The main benefit of yesotherapy is that it slims our body naturally and without much effort.
  • However, it also has other services, such as shaping your figure better, especially in the hips.
  • It also tones up flabby skin, eliminates stretch marks, and can even remove pimples and small wounds. We recommend you to use it sometimes with some hot water.
  • In some cases, plaster therapy stimulates circulation in the bloodstream, allowing us to better flow in our blood. This last point is quite good since we can reduce the frequency of such ailments if we are the ones who suffer from headaches.

How long does the plaster therapy treatment last?

The time the plaster has to stay depends on the treatment that you choose to partake. In the case of a shaping reducer, the time is a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 12 hours.

If you do a reaffirming treatment, the maximum will be two hours, but no longer because it will reduce the area size.

In which parts of the body can plaster therapy be used?

For example, you can do this treatment when a patient wants to reduce a specific area like:

  • The abdomen. We use Japanese plaster therapy in the belly. We use this technique to reduce and shape the waist.
  • Arms and legs. We can also use Japanese plaster therapy on our extremities.
  • Chest. We can also use it for reaffirming and lifting the bust.
  • Buttocks. We can also use it on the gluteus. The only thing that will vary is the time the cast is in place.

What are the benefits of yesotherapy?

  • The main benefit of plaster therapy is that it slims our body naturally and without much effort.
  • However, it also brings other services, such as shaping our figure better, especially in the hips.
  • It also tones up flabby skin, eliminates stretch marks, and can even remove pimples, pimples, and small wounds. It is sometimes recommended to use it with a little hot water.
  • In some cases, plaster therapy stimulates circulation in the bloodstream, allowing us to better flow our blood. This last point is quite good since if we are the ones who suffer from headaches, we can reduce the frequency of such ailments.

Looking to lose weight and get in shape? Yesotherapy may be the solution for you! This unique treatment not only helps to reduce weight, but also shapes the body by reducing cellulite, stretch marks, and flaccidity.

And it works at a local level, so you can target specific areas like your legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, bust, and arms. So why wait? Schedule a yesotherapy session today and start seeing results!

Contraindications of yesotherapy

Plaster therapy is a natural treatment for going from fat to thin. But it can be dangerous for most people, since they could run the risk of suffering some health problems, mainly because of the heart.

As we have mentioned, this technique works by pressing the body's area with a girdle, which can be dangerous since it will retain the blood circulation as if that were not enough; some of us are allergic to plaster, which makes the situation worse.

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