How to make sparse eyebrows look natural

How to make sparse eyebrows look natural

How to make sparse eyebrows look natural? Eyebrows give dimension and expression, as well as character, to your face. They are one of the first things people see when they talk to you, so you should keep them looking good.

To fill in a sparse eyebrow, you must first fill in all the gaps without overdoing it when applying a product. You have to do it gently and subtly for a natural and aesthetic result. If you use an eyebrow pencil, define the shape by drawing a line around the eyebrow and then blend with the brush.

Many of us have issues with our eyebrows because we want them to be perfect and beautiful. Others do not place importance on them, but they should know that they should take care of them and maintain and pluck them.

The key is not overdoing liner or making them look fake; this is a mistake many women make. The objective of eyebrow makeup should be to give them shape and fill in any gaps you have. It is a simple matter of filling them in.

For that reason, we will recommend several techniques for sparse eyebrows. For thin eyebrows, thick eyebrows, or however they are, we will guide you step by step.

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How to make up your sparse eyebrows step by step

How to make sparse eyebrows look natural

Comb your eyebrows well

The first step you should consider is to comb your eyebrows correctly. The main thing is finding your eyebrows' shape and comb them straight and in the same direction.

A tip: our best recommendation is to use a specific eyebrow brush, to achieve the best result.

Even out your eyebrows

The second step you should consider is the length of your eyebrow hairs. You must pay attention if any hair is longer than another. If so, you will need to trim it looks that it looks even.

In this step, you can also trim the hairs that stick out around the eyebrows. This is a method to clean up your eyebrows.

Look for a special eyebrow pencil

The third step you should consider is to look for an eyebrow pencil or other unique makeup for eyebrows. Choose the tool you feel most comfortable with.

Outline and fill in the hairless spaces

Start here. The first thing to do is to begin outlining and filling in the gaps you have in white with a pencil.

  • How to make up your eyebrows with shadow? If you do it with makeup for eyebrows, you should start applying the shadow with the brush in the direction of hair growth. If you are going to use this special makeup, you should be careful not to overdo it. If you apply too much shadow, it will look darker and thicker than your natural eyebrows. You have to fill in the spaces with soft gestures. This is the way to not overdo it.
  • If you use a pencil, it is best to draw a line around the eyebrow to guide and define the shape more quickly. This is the only way to avoid making a mistake or going off the shape of your eyebrow.

Blend your eyebrows

Then proceed to the blending. You can draw small lines simulating the hairs of the eyebrow. This way, your eyebrow will look much better.

The best tip: don't make the same mistake that many women make. Many women apply gel or wax to make them stay put, but you should not do this. The reality is that it will only make your eyebrows look plastic. They won't look natural.

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How to make up the boxes to correct defects

Makeup is used to correct any blemishes, on our face or our eyebrows, for example, sparsely populated or unruly eyebrows. I will explain some tricks, so you can apply them according to your own case.

If you want bushy eyebrows

How to apply makeup to sparse eyebrows? If you are one of those girls who have few hairs in your eyebrows or you have a lot of blank spaces, don't worry, there is a solution. The first thing is to start using a pencil of the same color as your hair to fill this space you have.

What color eyebrow pencil to use? Always use the same color on your eyebrows. If you have some noticeably light spaces, you should use darker makeup to darken those areas. Do not make the mistake of using too many colors on your sparse eyebrows because it will show.

To give the eyebrow curve

Many women seek to make up their eyebrows because they don't have this curve. Maybe they are too straight, or you have a curve that you don't like. You can correct this by shaping them accordingly. If your eyebrows are straight, above, in case they are curved, below.

Makeup to correct eyebrow length

Many women have the problem of long or short eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thin or short, use a pencil to outline them gently; if they are long, use makeup to give your eyebrow line volume. This will solve that feeling of having them too short or too long.

To have more correct eyebrows

Maybe your case is that you have unruly hairs or have those famous swirls, don't worry, there is a solution. What you should do, after using a brush to comb them, is to use mascara and fix the hairs little by little. This way, your eyebrows will always be intact.

Eyebrow pencil for perfect eyebrows

The eyebrow pencil is one of the most used tools to perfect your eyebrows. We know that eyebrow pencil helps to fill them in and define them. Maybe you don't know why these pencils have a brush for the eyebrows; we will explain:

These pencils come with a brush because it also serves to blend the makeup you apply on your eyebrows. The brush is what helps the makeup look not too heavy in some areas more than others.

This brush will make your brows look much simpler and natural. It is your perfect ally for after makeup.

The pencil is used to draw delicate and fine lines that look like hairs, and the brush is used to blend these lines.

How should you use the eyebrow pencil and brush?

It is super easy to learn. The first thing to do is to use the pencil, drawing short lines following your eyebrow shape. Then, you move on to using the brush. With this, you should start combing in the direction of the hairs of your eyebrows to blend the makeup.

You should know that there is another technique not used much by beginners, but it will be good to learn it if your eyebrows lack hairs.

This technique consists of combining the use of a pencil with a shadow of the color of your eyebrows. It is one of the best techniques since the pencil defines the eyebrows, but the shadow reaches places where the pencil cannot reach and covers them more thoroughly.

What you should do is first use the pencil to define them and give them a better shape and then fill them in with the shadows following the contour of your eyebrows. Using this technique, you will have beautiful eyebrows without any imperfections.

How do I know which color pencil to use?

This is one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves when deciding to fix the imperfections we find in our eyebrows.  Many do not give much consideration, which is a mistake. This is a priority to which you should pay close attention, and forgetting it is why our eyebrows, sometimes, do not look natural.

If you are looking to make your eyebrows look more natural, you should learn about colors. If you find a color that matches your natural color, your eyebrows will look very natural, and no one will notice that they are drawn.

The best tip we can give you: If you have dark hair, you should use one or two shades lighter, but if they are light or blonde, you should use one or two shades darker.

If you ignore this tip and your eyebrows look much darker than your hair, it will look bad. Your eyebrows will be the first thing others will notice about you, and you will make a wrong impression.

How do you line your sparse eyebrows to make them look natural?

This is what all women look for when it comes to eyebrow makeup because no one wants their eyebrows to look plastic or fake. We always want our eyebrows to look as natural and uncluttered as possible and this is why we will explain how to outline your eyebrows and make them look as natural as possible.

The right way to line your sparse eyebrows

Firstly, what you can't forget before anything else is to pluck your eyebrows (this is a step and a tip). You can never skip this, and it should be the first thing you do because it defines your eyebrows' shape.

When you pluck your eyebrows, you should aim not to make them too thin or too thick. The key in this step is to clean your eyebrows yourself or in a salon where they only remove the extra hairs that are around your eyebrow with tweezers.

Remember that those extra hairs are the ones that stop the eyebrows from having an excellent shape and clean look.


We have explained this above, so you already know the two ways to draw your eyebrows, that is, with pencil or shadows, whichever you think is best for you.

Remember that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You know that the shadow may be able to cover those whites that the pencil cannot.

A particularly important tip: if you use eyeliner with shadows, the best thing you can do is start tapping to blend.

Finishing touches 

The final touches are crucial, as they will determine the perfection of your eyebrows. These touch-ups are done when you have your eyebrows already lined and made up, but there are always some flaws or marks that you can remove without removing all the makeup.

If there are small spots around the eyebrows, it is normal, do not worry. As you practice, they will become fewer. These stains can be removed with a wipe or a handkerchief, wetting it slightly with water. Wipe with small touches, and that is it.

On the other hand, if you want to highlight the eyebrow a little, you can use a concealer or foundation under the eyebrow arch. When you finish this, you can then apply a little powder.

Things to always keep in mind when it comes to your eyebrows

  • One of the first things to keep in mind is the hairs at the end of your eyebrow. Be careful when plucking them; they make your eyebrow look naturally thick, and they are essential. Also, they don't grow much.
  • Always try to find the natural curvature of your eyebrows. There are different ways you can do so. It is not that hard to find; believe it or not, and all women have a natural arch. You can watch videos on YouTube. There are many tutorials.
  • Never pluck more than you should; your eyebrow has a natural shape. If you pluck your eyebrow too much, it will lose its natural shape. The best thing to do is to clean only the hairs that are around it.


In summary, making up our sparse eyebrows is not that complex, but it does require you to follow a step-by-step process and look for the shape you feel most comfortable with. You can use a pencil to paint your eyebrows, or you can use shadows to cover imperfections. When you are doing it, remember that the tone you use should be a shade different from your hair color.