What tone of dark blonde hair should I be? 4 color ideas with pictures

dark blonde hair

¿Dark blonde hair? Hardly any decision changes our appearance as radically as the look of our hair. But, if you do not want to have a new hairstyle right away and sacrifice your long mane for a shorter haircut, there is still a second option: dye your hair! Both beginners and dyeing professionals get their money's worth here. And, in this article, we'll talk about exceptional hair color- The dark blonde hair color!


A hair color defines your look - so you should think carefully before dyeing your hair and whether or not it will suit you. Your hair length, type as well as your skin color and type plays a role in deciding whether or not a particular hair color will fit you. But, there is one color that remains in trend always because it suits almost everyone. Dark Blonde is and will be the trend of hair color par excellence always. Dark Blonde hair color is so much in fashion, even in 2020. So, for all you beautiful ladies out there, we picked out the most beautiful shades of dark blonde, which will make augment your looks and make you the diva you always wanted to be!

So let's get started!

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Natural dark Blonde Hair

natural blonde hair

For a long time frowned upon as "street dog blonde," dark shades of blonde shine in new splendor this year. Uncomplicated & elegant: the color, which alternates between blonde and brunette, conjures up a new naturalness in the hair.

But, most importantly, dark blonde is not a short-lived Instagram phenomenon, but a timeless, beautiful hair color that we can interpret in many ways and so, flatters every woman. The hair color can shimmer in golden tones, but can also take on cool ash tones. That makes the dark blonde hair color not only wonderfully multifaceted but also universal, and it adapts to any skin tone. 


The Natural Dark blonde is the optimal alternative for all the blondes out there who want to go a few shades darker in winter or for women with natural medium-blonde or brunette hair who want more elegance in their look.

To shine with naturally dark blonde hair, it must be healthy and have a smooth cuticle layer. The color information of our hair is hidden deep in the fiber trunk, and it can only shine through if the surface is well maintained. Colour protection shampoos that care for colored hair and give it intense luminosity are ideal for this.

Tip: Those who wear chemically bleached hair, on the other hand, have to be careful because the bleaching removes the natural red component, which can change the desired color result.

Balayage on dark blonde hair

balayage dark blonde hair

The famous word "balayage" came from the French word "balayer", which means "sweep". With the unique streak technique, the hairdresser "freehandedly" brushes a mixture of blonde and brown strands (blonde) into the hair, which produces a particularly natural effect.

Balayage is a freehand technique created by Dessange Paris. Lighter strands are "painted" on the hair individually and in varying strength and intensity with a brush, and in between, the darker fibers remain free. That creates a distinctive blonde tone and creates a soft streak effect. Balayage is a unique technique that has been around in France for years.


It always depends on how you use them. The look disappears just as out of focus. Balayage gives you a tailor-made hair color that suits you individually and looks much more natural. After dyeing, we should neutralize the hair always. The professional does that. 

Proper color care is vital at home. That extends the durability of the hair color and ensures the shine. Do you want natural-looking strands? Then the "balayage" technique could be the right thing for you.

Tip: You should not try Balayage at home because of the delicate strands of baby lights. It is difficult to do. Only an expert can position the fibers individually. So, my tip for you would be to always get the balayage on dark blonde hair done by professionals in reputed salons.

Golden dark blonde

golden dark blonde hair

A little gold doesn't hurt! Probably the classic among the shades of blonde is the dark golden blonde hair color. The warm tone is ideal for newcomers and flatters (almost) all blonde newbies. If you are a little braver, you can also mix warm colors with cold shades of blonde. That creates an exciting contrast that brings a little movement into the hair.

Whether natural or colored, golden dark blonde hair is a real asset. This classy dark blonde shade shows up as a warm luxury look. Finding the perfect golden dark blonde shade is a challenge. Because blonde hair should ideally match the complexion, underline your type and hairstyle and simply let you shine. Golden dark blonde makes you look graceful. It makes sure that you have your man's attention. 


It emphasizes the advantages of your appearance and conceals your minor flaws. The golden dark blonde also makes you look a few years younger. Dark blonde color also sometimes has a golden hue. There are exciting color topazes that are trendy this season. 

The ashy undertone makes the creamy blonde the right choice, especially with a porcelain complexion, and counteracts the redness. Golden dark blonde, therefore, harmonizes best with a delicate but warm skin tone.

Tip: Pamper your golden dark blonde hair regularly with small pats. The brush encourages the circulation of the scalp, which in turn promotes the nutrient supply to the hair roots. That keeps the hair healthy, shiny, and supple and also highlights the rich color.

Ash dark blonde hair

ash tone

What used to sound like a dull grey area is now the opposite: ash dark blonde, a unique, matte blonde that is currently setting the tone everywhere. "Dark Blonde is always trendy" – and this statement is always true no matter what.

But, if you look closely and are familiar with the myriad of colors on the catwalks, and if you are someone who can hardly live without trend reports and fashion views, you know that at the moment, it is a very unusual blonde that outranks every other shade. It is just so light and perfect. And it is matte, and it is confident, calm, and reserved at the same time! Ash-blonde is the ideal trend of hair color this year for dark blonde hair. 


Cameron Diaz, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron are some of the Hollywood's elite who find this calm blonde tone classy and natural. Most of them choose matte shades with a few grey pigments, which they mix with slightly lighter shades of blonde. Many have naturally ash dark blonde hair, but it is particularly useful with a delicate rosy complexion and a cool, somewhat olive-tinged undertone. On the other hand, a yellowish blonde undertone with this hair quickly looks unnatural and sickly.

If you have a fair skin tone with a reddish undertone, not pale but slightly tanned, it is best if you choose gold tones. If you have a bluish undertone and look pale, you go for cool blonde tones like the ash dark blonde. A very dark starting color should not color the hair in its entirety, otherwise, the hair seems too artificial.

Ash dark blonde hair color does not shout, "Look, here comes a blonde." For a long time, a tint in ash dark blonde was considered the silver bullet against yellow and orange stitches in blonde colors.

Tip: data-preserver-spaces="true"> It is essential to think about how much grey tint should be in the ashes before you dye your hair ash dark blonde. Some nuances are a rather dull blonde, and others are more pigmented grey. Anyone who chooses a granny hair variant from ash blonde must also consider the choice of makeup and outfit.


Honey tone

Honey's dark blonde hair is still in focus. This shade gives women with blonde and brown hair a perfect balance when looking for an update for their strands. Stylists combine honey tones with hair colors. Highlights are in because the fibers add extra dimension and depth.

The best thing about the honey dark blonde? It works miracles on almost every complexion. It is particularly good on discreetly tanned skin with a warm undertone and darker complexions anyway.

"You can catch more flies with a drop of honey than with a barrel of vinegar," says a well-known saying. It sounds good and provides the ideal proof why you should decorate yourself with the trendy hair color, honey dark blonde. You will attract all the guys in the room with this shade! 

Honey dark blonde shades suit women with a warm skin tone particularly well. Olive-coloured or golden undertones are particularly beautifully emphasized by the honey dark blonde.


But even lighter skin types with a rosy complexion can comfortably wear this trendy hair color. Only people with a cool Snow White complexion should avoid the honey dark blonde and choose ashy shades or platinum tones. That is because the bluish, pale skin in combination with the honey shades, would quickly look dull and pale.

Honey blonde harmonizes with almost every makeup look. Still, unusually warm eyeshadow shades in gold, copper, or red give the perfect duet to the honey nuances in the hair and lets your complexion shine. Gold shimmering bronzer also ensures a fresh summer glow. Honey dark blonde looks particularly modern with minimalist makeup and a gaudy kiss mouth in red. All you have to do is prime the skin with a light foundation, comb the eyebrows in shape, and set a few highlights. It is best to choose a bright red shade with orange undertones for the lips.

Tip: Avoid harsh contrasts like black or cool tones like silver and grey when it comes to makeup with honey, dark blonde hair. Stay true to the warm nuances. Gold, cream, and red make your complexion and the hair color shine.

Tips for dark-haired people who want to go blonde

If you have dark blonde hair and want to dye it blonde, you should choose the right shade for your complexion. While a cool undertone looks excellent with a reddish face and blue eyes, warm reflexes work best on yellowish skin and brown eyes.

The white of the eyes also gives a good clue: with a slight yellow shimmer, it is better to use gold-tinged blonde tones like a honey blonde. If it is bright white, cool nuances will fit. If you are unsure, just hold a piece of gold and silver foil next to your face and see which of the two makes it shine more.

Final words

What are the be-all and end-all advice for beautiful dark blonde hair? It has to be cared for more carefully than other hair colors.

Be sure to use coordinated products, take a cure after every wash, and comb your dark blonde hair as carefully as possible with a high-quality brush.

If you want more advise to look even more beautiful visit our Beauty section.