What would happen if you started taking maca? -Benefits and damages

Maca its incredible benefits

Andean Maca

The Andean Maca is a root of a plant that has as origin in the Andean region of the countries of Bolivia and Peru, being cultivated during years by the indigenous natives to obtain its nutritious benefits, which are of very positive effects in the organism.

Some of its effects on our bodies can range from properties that increase fertility, sexual desire, and libidos, such as better development in the brain and cardiovascular resistance.

Maca benefits and properties

Maca is a natural vegetable; it has quickly become a superfood sought by many, both to get better rhythm in their sports training or exercise, as for those who want to improve their sexual activity.

Depending on the color of the harvest, its effects and benefits will be different.

Here is a list that will help you know what the benefits of consuming Andean Maca will be.

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It's very nutritious

This vegetable contains a lot of energy in its chemical composition, giving it the most desired effects on all people who ingest it, these effects will depend on the type of color that has the harvest, which are:

  • White Maca: This Maca helps to alleviate the effects after suffering menopause. It also increases libido and sexual desire.
  • Yellow Maca: Helps strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Red Maca: Helps prevent dizziness and increases sexual desire.
  • Black Maca: Helps increase your energy and reduces blood pressure.
  • Maca increases libido in men and women.

Maca increases libido in men and women

For both men and women, this superfood increases considerably sexual activity and desire between the two. Science proved that one of the main benefits of this natural food is the capacity to increase libido.

There is much evidence that points to Maca as one of the main aphrodisiacs on the planet. (Rivalizing even, with chocolate.)

It increases fertility in men

Maca is a superfood that directly benefits fertility, decreasing the increase of the prostate, and avoiding contracting any disease in it.

In the same way, it helps to increase the hormonal effect that incites you to activate your sexual activity.

Maca relieves the symptoms of menopause

Menopause is one of the problems that women face the most. It is a quite frustrating and unwanted event for someone, however, thanks to Maca, it has been demonstrated based on various evidence, that it is possible to alleviate all the symptoms that affect our menopause.

You can ingest the Andean Maca in diverse types of foods, as much in drinks as in saucers. Generally, it is in powder, so you will not have to worry about the way to consume it.

It improves your mood and well-being

Science has proved that sex is one of the primary medicines against bad state and stress. Unfortunately, with time, we lose our libido or sexual desire. The hormonal effect decreases over the years, and therefore our bodies no longer feel the flame of passion.

That is why the frequent intake of Maca will not only give us a passionate effect but will also directly influence our state of mind — increasing our capacity to be more active and cheerful.

If you want to know more about how to feel good and improve your mood, read our article "How can I Improve my mood and energy? ​(techniques to feel good)."

It improves physical stamina

Maca increases your stamina

Many athletes look for Maca to perform their best. Due to its characteristics, many of the products focused on increasing exercise performance have Maca in them.

These products help us to give us a higher capacity to continue doing the routine without getting tired so quickly. (In the same way, adding Maca in our daily food, helps us naturally to have a better capacity in terms of physical training.)

Maca helps protect against the sun

Thanks to its compounds, Maca gives significant benefits in our bodies against UV rays (Ultraviolet) from the sun. There is numerous evidence of cases in which a person reduces his possibility of contracting cancer of skin by UV rays if he is consuming Maca in his daily foods.

It improves learning and memory

It is proven by the Indians, who have noticed a very significant improvement in their learning and memory. Maca directly affects the brain, helping to avoid diseases such as Alzheimer's or the effects of senile dementia.

Similarly, many doctors recommend taking Maca if a person is older and has memory problems; this will help them remember and flow their memories better.

It helps to reduce the size of the prostate

Another benefit for men is that Maca helps directly to reduce all prostate problems, resulting from initial diseases or because of shallow sex life.

Maca helps you lose weight

Being a natural superfood, the effects of Maca brings significant benefits to the body. (If you want to lose weight naturally, this food will be right for you.)

It improves your immune system

Maca helps the immune system as well as the hormonal system, helping you to avoid suffering any possibility of contracting a mild illness (like the flu), as well as one of severe severity. (cancer)

Maca helps prevent diabetes  

Science has confirmed by evidence that the constant ingestion of Maca in your food reduces or prevents diabetes. Similarly, scientists noticed that patients who already have diabetes had achieved a significant improvement once they have applied maca powder in their daily diet.

It helps fight anemia

Like many other foods and beverages, this superfood is quite pleasant and stimulating. It will give us all the benefits we want to taste a flavor, but its taste can be something strange if we try it for the first time, but it gets used quickly, especially if you mix it with some other flavor of a favorite drink of yours.

Maca benefits and properties

It's stimulating

Like many other foods and beverages, this superfood is quite pleasant and stimulating. It will give us all the benefits we want to taste a flavor, but its taste can be something strange if we try it for the first time, but it gets used quickly, especially if you mix it with some other flavor of a favorite drink of yours.

Maca reduces blood cholesterol

Another of the most common problems is cholesterol. Consuming Maca helps to reduce (bad) cholesterol in the bloodstream and on the other hand, helps to increase good cholesterol.

Almost the same result as avocado would do, you can add a little maca powder to your avocado to give it as much flavor and benefits as possible.

For more information about avocado, visit our previous article on the benefits of avocado.

It reduces erectile dysfunction

One of the problems and concerns of men is to get to suffer erectile dysfunction. It is quite uncomfortable for both him and her! That in full act, the member no longer of his desired capacity. That is why Maca gives the necessary properties to reduce the probability of suffering erectile problems.

It relieves problems of menstrual cycles in women

In the case of women, its vitamins and proteins contribute directly to the bloodstream, reducing problems due to menstrual cycles and post-menopause.

Maca helps to fight cancer cells

It is probably one of the most surprising and sought after benefits for Maca. There is evidence that its effects reduce the spread and growth of cancer cells. Likewise, help combat them, and there have been cases in which they have managed to disappear cancer completely.


Despite all the positive and useful effects given by Maca, there are also cases in which you should not ingest it, as it can cause problems in your health care.

Next, we will leave a few points in which you must be careful not to ingest it if these or you have:

People who have very high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, do not ingest Maca for any reason, it can cause an immediate heart attack.

People with severe illnesses

Although Maca can help against diseases such as cancer, it is not fully proven by science in its entirety, which is why it is tried to avoid in these cases.

Intake during pregnancy

So far, there are no specific studies about the safety of the fetus with a person who ingests Maca. That is why doctors recommend for your health and the health of your baby, never ingest Maca in pregnancy.

People follow a treatment to fight cancer

Since many of the products used to fight this disease have chemical components, it could have an adverse reaction when it is touched or mixed with Maca.

Avoid this at all costs, as it can worsen and aggravate your condition.

Do not give to children without consulting a pediatrician

Children, unlike us, are in a state of development and growth, never try to give them anything new without first consulting an expert. It can harm the health and well-being of the child.

Avoid breastfeeding a baby if you consume Maca

Breast milk comes from everything your body absorbs from food. Never try to breastfeed your baby if you are under a dose of Maca, it can bring adverse effects to his heart. (Remember that a baby is just being born, does not have a developed organism).

How to take it?

Maca benefits

Like many dietary compounds, you should keep in mind that you will have to moderate the amount of Maca that you choose; you should also keep in mind that the amount will be much less if it is a child or a person of short stature.

The trick of this vegetable is that it is an "adaptogen." And what is this? Well, very simple! An adaptogen is anything that helps your body adapt to changes.

To take it properly, you must take into account the following considerations:

  • Start by using small or light amounts the first few times you ingest it. You will increase the quantity as you progress.
  • For better control in the dose, you can try ingesting it in powder; this is thanks to that the powder has a higher concentration, and you will only need a little of it to be able to take the maximum possible advantage of it.
  • Consume it early in the morning. (Nutritionists recommend 1 hour after breakfast)
  • You can add it to different food recipes. Thanks to its light sweet taste, you can spread Andean maca powder on your favorite dishes without significant problems.
  • You can add it in powder, over other natural drinks.
  • Maca taste. It's usually a little strange when you try it for the first time. However, as you give it more drinks, it becomes tolerable, and you'll end up liking it.
  • You can also try to cook Gelatine with the Maca powder. Doctors recommend it for people with a sensitive stomach.
  • Don't heat it or expose it to high temperatures. This includes the microwave and the oven, since the nutrients that the Andean Maca brings do not tolerate the heat as much and you will end up eliminating them.
  • It is recommended to combine it with milk, cereal, or some juice.
  • Many indigenous people and people who have tried it frequently have substituted coffee for this drink.
  • For children (And people with short and very short stature, from 1.50 down), it is recommended that they ingest only half of what you usually ingest.

Here are some recipes you can prepare with Andean Maca. (Very useful to get the most out of this superfood)


Maca tea


  • One cup of tea of your choice. (Any tea you want)
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons of maca powder. (1 to 2 for small people and only 1 for children.)
You can add it to your tea

Its preparation is simple. You only have to mix the Maca with the tea. (It is better if tea is cold.)

Energy Drink


  • ½ of a cup of orange juice.
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons of maca powder (half for children)
  • ½ cup plum juice.
  • ½ of Chia seeds.

Spicy soup


  • ½ de cucumber.
  • One yellow pepper. (Cut)
  • One tablespoon of pepper.
  • Condiments to taste. (Salt for example)
  • 1 to 3 tablespoons of Maca powder. (half for children)
  • (Optional) ¼ of Ground flax sprouts.

Fruit salad


  • From 3 to 6 slices of strawberries.
  • 1 or 2 apples peeled and cut.
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons of Andean maca powder. (Half for children)
  • One banana sliced in rings.
  • (Optional) 100 to 130 ml of milk.
  • (Optional) ¼ of ground flax sprouts.

These recipes can increase in a better way the benefits you already give to your body. It is of great help if what you want is to increase your routines and physical stamina.


Maca benefits

If you want a superfood that helps you naturally increase your energy, you can try to include it in your diet. Combining Maca with the sprouted flax ground with chia seeds, which this sprouted will give you some extra benefits to your body.

The germinated of ground flax; it will give you almost the same expected results that the Maca in terms of energy, except that they differ in many things, as in sex and the benefits that it gives you in your immune system. (Nutritionists point out that the germinated one with seeds of Chia, you can obtain it in several places of vegan foods).

Maca is good (Very good) if you want to increase your sexual desire. But also remember that you must have moderation because it influences your heart, and if you have or are prone to very high blood pressure, avoid consuming it because you could increase the risk of a heart attack.

If you want more information about the best foods I recommend you read our article "The 22 best foods for health according to science."


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