How to get slim arms fast at home?

how to get slimmer arms at home

 Getting slim arms quickly for us, women can be an arduous task, even more so now that we are at home.

The most significant disadvantage of being at home all day is that we gain weight in our arms without being able to avoid it. Getting fatter arms is very easy if we stop exercising.

We live lying down or sitting down almost all day and especially if we eat a lot of foods that contain sugars (the well-known carbohydrates). We should start trying to lead a fitness life or at least have a healthier lifestyle.

The arms are one of our bodies that take this worst, making them fatter in a matter of weeks. Do you want to get thinner arms in 1 week? Keep reading that we will tell you how to do it and lose weight at home at the same time!

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How do I get slim arms fast at home?

get thinner arms at home

 How can I slim my arms fast? The best way to lose weight quickly from home is to go on a diet, not just any menu, but one that is accompanied by exercise. 

According to a Harvard University study, physical exercise releases a hormone that makes us lose weight faster. This way, the body will be able to eliminate all the fat it has accumulated inside even in the arms.

There are many myths about slimming arms and fat loss. Diet usually affects us on a global level, that is, if we lose weight in a specific area, we will also lose weight in others.

According to a study, even if we try to lose weight in our arms, we will also lose weight in our whole body.

While there are specific exercises that help us gain muscle and lose fat in our limbs, there is no particular way as such to lose weight in the arms alone.

However, we can do something similar to losing weight in this area, and that is simply by exercising our arm muscles to tone them up.

How to tone the arms? How to lose weight in the arms of women? To tone our bodies and limbs, we need to do a series of exercises. If you wish to benefit from the fact that we are at home, we will use things that we will find at home.


Use some dumbbells or water bottles.

dumbbell curl to get slim arms

How can I make my arms slimmer? Dumbbells or if you don’t have them, water bottles are perfect for exercising your arms; they will play dumbbells (you can also use them).

If you don’t use dumbbells, don't pick up the bottles too full or too heavy and big, try to start with small or almost empty bottles.

  • Try to start with a moderate weight, this way you won't have those shoelaces that will make you give up on the second day.
  • Put your elbows close to your body (without moving them).
  • Pull up the dumbbell or bottle until you have your arm fully flexed.
  • At the top of the movement, you have to squeeze your biceps.
  • Slowly lower yourself without dropping your weight.
  • Do three sets of 20 repetitions.

If you prefer to use dumbbells, try using ones weighing about 2 kg each to start. 

Use your couch and furniture to exercise

inclined pushups

Furniture is perfect to get slim arms, you will be exercising your arms effectively; you only need to lean on your couch or a chair to go up and down repeatedly, imitating push-ups.

If you are strong enough, you can try doing the push-ups on the floor (start with your knees flat on the floor).


With this exercise, you will work the back of the arm (triceps). That is the area that first becomes flaccid and therefore is so important to exercise.

With this movement, apart from making your arms thinner, you will tone them, and they will look much firmer.

  • Lean on a piece of furniture or the floor with your arms straight.
  • Slowly lower yourself until you almost touch your chest to the furniture or the floor.
  • Climb to the starting position.
  • Do three sets, completing as many reps as you can.
  • Don't start doing too many; your body has to get used to this new effort.


Do household chores

Housework to get slim arms? We've gone crazy! Well, not really, the truth is that dusting, mopping or sweeping is quite useful. That's because your arms are always in tension (which is essential for slimming and toning them).

Do it with your partner or children, apart from the fact that you will spend some time together (and that you will finish earlier, hehe) will make them exercise and move them too.

You'll be exercising them regularly, making them do the housework and, at the same time, burning the accumulated fat they may have.


you will have nice arms

If you have dumbbells, machines, or similar to exercise, you can use them without any problem. However, these ideas are for all those who do not have the equipment to exercise at home.  At home, you can even perform a Full Body routine.

 And also if you are looking for ways to tone up your body, get slim arms and lose weight quickly from home, eliminating and burning all that fat that accumulates in the arms.

Similarly, the arms and the back are together; if you get to fatten your arms, it will also fatten your back.

These exercises can also help tone and reduce your back fat. Remember that dieting or weight loss is at a global level, affecting the whole body and not necessarily a specific area. 

The above-mentioned tips will help you to get the fitness body you want. If you want to learn more about shaping your body visit our Fitness section.