How to combat fatigue, low energy and laziness

How to combat low energy and fatigue

Lack of Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Apathy? One of the biggest obstacles that stand in our way when it comes to doing something is fatigue, lack of motivation and apathy.

But why does this happen? Why am I sometimes full of energy and sometimes not? Why do I get bored and tired when I think about exercising? In this article, we will explain it to you!

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How to combat low energy and lack fatigue?

Do you feel tired and low on energy?

Maintaining energy is relative, not every day we will have the same ability to do any work. This happens because of several factors that influence our lives, for example, motivation, which is influenced by mood and emotional state.

Besides, if we are feeling discouraged, worried or thinking about a particular issue, we are potentially diminishing our ability to perform any kind of task.

In order to avoid suffering this and to stay active for most of the day and much of the week, we must take into account certain aspects that we will include in our daily routines.

Some tips to combat fatigue

how to combat chronic fatigue and low energy

The most feasible solution to combat tiredness and lack of vitality is having a hobby that distracts and alienates us from the world, while keeping us active, a hobby that separates us from all negative thoughts and feelings that affect our emotions.

It is known with justified criteria, that all human beings must give a relaxing space for ourselves. A time in which we can enjoy and relax, feel alive and say thanks for being born.

What kind of hobby should I have if I have no motivation and besides I have low energy in my body?

There are countless types of activities in which we can distract ourselves during the day. But what would be the right or recommended one?

The answer to this question is very open, it depends on each person. We are not all the same, we have different tastes, preferences, and opinions. However, we can assure you that finding an activity that is perfect for us is not as difficult as it may seem.

First, try asking yourself, what do you like? And what new thing would I like to try?

Getting something we like to do is easy, it comes naturally from our being. Thinking about doing some activity that we are passionate about for a few hours several days a week could greatly improve our mood.

However, we also point out that practicing some new activity also brings with it extensive benefits for our emotional and mental health.

Today, there are infinite ways to distract and recreate; what we once believed in the past to be nonsense or a waste of time, today are truly comforting and necessary to activate our energies and desire to continue.

Try to visualize various activities and look for opinions of all of them, from walking through a square to watching a show on television or computer, will give us the benefits that our mind and emotions need.

Entertain yourself! Keep things simple and do not refuse to experience new things, we all have the same right to see, hear or do any kind of activity. Don't lock yourself up in negative thoughts or common ideas like "what will others say about me?"

Believe in yourself!

What other things can improve my low energy and laziness?

take care of your diet if you want to have an optimal energy level

Apart from doing some hobbies, it is necessary to take into account other things that will help us to improve those states of mind and energy that have been lost.

Food is a fundamental and main protagonist that affects and controls our emotions, health, and immune system.

A bad diet leads us to suffer deplorable emotional and sentimental situations, apart from accumulating weight and losing capabilities to perform some physical activity, which reduces all the benefits that we could use for fun and healthy distraction.

It is very necessary to know what things we are consuming, many levels of sugar and fat, damage our heart and stomach.

Apart from suffering from disease, we will also suffer mentally.

The consumption of food must be balanced; in other words, consuming what we like and what gives us pleasure, and what benefits and helps us in terms of health.

If we are not trying to follow a particular exercise routine, we will be able to follow this without any problem.

However, it should be noted that if we are already following a specific routine, we should avoid consumption with any product that brings sugars and fried foods, otherwise we would not be doing anything.

Apart from food and hobbies, socializing and having fun in a place with friends, acquaintances and/or family brings us incredible satisfaction from time to time.

If you are one of those who don't usually meet many people or who doesn't feel very comfortable socializing, meeting or talking to your best friend from time to time, that can bring quite positive effects to your mood; you might even see how little by little you would regain energy and confidence.

Why do emotions affect energy and vitality?

Emotions are that mechanism that allows us to continue, just as the engine of an automobile needs the necessary parts to work, we need to have those parts strong and active to work as well.

If we are sad, worried, overwhelmed or melancholic. It will be impossible to perform any activity, our mind will not support our body and therefore, it will not work.

For our body to do what we want, our mind must be willing to work with it, otherwise, there will be no reciprocal work and you will end up doing nothing.

The mind is very powerful and it is the one that rules everything we will do and want to do. If it' s not cooperating, we can't move forward. The mind is affected by emotions and feelings, while the body is affected by physical illnesses and disabilities; therefore, both sides suffer negative effects that limit everything we could do.

For diseases there are medicines and treatments, for our mind, there are also treatments that heal all those wounds or concerns that torment and limit us.

We are human beings; we feel, we laugh, we cry, we heal because we are human. Don't think you're inferior or incapable of doing something you want! We can all do what we want! All we have to do is to have determination and vitality.

How do we do it?

Creatively! Creativity is a very effective treatment to raise those fallen spirits; as we said before, look for some activity that you didn't or couldn't do before, to increase those emotions.

Remember that excess is bad, so if you find one, don't lock yourself in it or obsess.

What would be the reasons why we lose energy and vitality?

To better detail the reasons why you lose energy and encouragement, we will explain a few points:

Poor feeding

our lack of vitality often comes from poor nutrition

As we explained before, you must consume foods that bring a lot of vitamin, vitamins are the starter that gives us all the energy we need to move forward.

If we consume a lot of calories, ice cream, fried foods, among others, we will gain weight. However, not ingesting these products is also negative.

It is scientifically known that if you consume something that gives you pleasure, you will obtain benefits such as energy and encouragement to continue.

Therefore, we recommend eating some Pizza, Hamburger or something like that from time to time. Of course, all this in moderation.


try to improve your mood, you will improve your overall health

Try to stay happy, positive, active and energetic. If you suffer any loss of a relative or acquaintance, this greatly affects our mood. Also, some rupture or loneliness; it brings negative effects to your mood and health.

Cheer up! Remember that not everything is forever, there is always an end. You decide the ending of everything in your life, don't be influenced by things around you, you are the main character of your life and you decide what to do with it.

Bad feelings

A bad relationship can affect your mood and therefore your vitality, motivation and energy.

It is linked to emotion, generally, when we like a boy and this one is not corresponding to us, we feel a lot of restlessness and sadness. Apart from that, other things also influence our mood, a loss either material or personal, among others; they affect our mind and it leads to loss of vitality and desire to continue.

Try to keep a distraction and find a possible solution to this! Otherwise, it will be very difficult to combat.


That's right, smoking causes a considerable loss of energy and encouragement. But, why? Ingesting the chemical compound smoke that brings the cigarette, is progressively deteriorating lungs, health, and immune system.

Therefore, your body is affected; as we explained before, for both parts to function, they must work together; Body and mind, otherwise no one will be willing to do any particular activity.

Lack of sleep

Little sleep contributes to a fairly large loss of energy and an active lifestyle. If you don't get much sleep, remember you're hurting yourself. You must sleep whatever your body needs! Otherwise, you will be extremely tired and unmotivated to perform the simplest activity.

What should I do to motivate myself and besides conserve and gain energy?

Sleeps 8 hours

The first thing to keep in mind is that having energy is not as easy as saying it, you have to know all the basics in terms of causes or effects that damage our life habit.

To be able to get encouragement or desire to move forward, we must have goals and objectives to achieve, for this, we must maintain our environment and lifestyle fully functional and appropriate to get to our goals.

Sleeping 8 hours

Sleep at least 8 hours

When we talk about preserving energy, we can say that we must keep our bodies and mind in optimal conditions. In order to do this; as mentioned before, we must sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. This will depend on how much physical effort or fatigue we have during the day.

Sleeping hours will depend on each person and how much you exhaust yourself during a day; e.g., the number of hours of sleep to recover spent energies will not be the same for a person who has been working constantly for hours then another person who has been lying down most of the day.

The more work, wear, and tear and physical effort, the more hours of sleep we need to recover all those energy burned.

On the other hand, if we do not make any kind of effort; we will not need to sleep large amounts of hours.

According to several experts, sleeping at least 8 hours guarantees an optimally functional state. However, this is focused on people who are very active during the day, it is focused on all those women who from early hours, go out to jog, run or go to work much of the day.

Like everything in life, we should not abuse and that is why we should not force the body to sleep more than we need. This way we will maintain a healthier and optimal life in all the possible benefits.

On the other hand, sleep is not the only factor that influences negatively or positively our performance. Also, the lifestyle in which we are living!

Find a hobby

Combat low energy with a hobby that keeps you active

Remember that everything we do can harm us in some way, but how? If your lifestyle consists of having a quiet life, without any hobby or any activity or routine, it will become a very difficult practice to remove as it becomes a habit.

Dedicate yourself to something that entertains you but at the same time that activates you competitively speaking, give your time to a recreation that has you distracted and strives to capture someone's attention or get some satisfactory reward, for example, some recognition or prize.

Taking into account everything we have seen so far and making a brief summary, we can say that indeed, you need to be distracted, have a healthy diet that allows you and your taste buds, enjoy some pleasures that are necessary for a small enjoyment in our daily lives.

It never hurts to indulge yourself like ice cream, an order at McDonald's, a Pizza, but always with moderation and taking into account that you are not following some kind of intensive exercise routine; this will take a step back in all your efforts.

For more information on these topics, you may like to visit our previous articles referring to the type of exercise that every woman should do, such as the Full Body Fitness or also the type of food and feeding to follow if you want a slim body without exercise.

Various activities that can increase your energy and vitality, your mood and your competitiveness.

Today, it is no secret to anyone that there are hundreds and hundreds of activities to be entertained and distracted. We will summarize those that scientifically are most likely to help beneficially in self-esteem, emotional state, physical and mental attitude and possibly help you feel more energetic and competitive.

Play a sport

Practicing a sports activity will increase your energy and vitality levels.

Nowadays, women can do the same things as men. Gone are the days when only sports like football could be played only by men! Women can do the same activities as men and even better. For that reason, the practice of some sport will benefit us in several aspects apart from fighting low energy.

  • Increases physical activity: This means that your body condition will now be greater. You won't wear yourself out so easily! If you practice for example soccer, your performance when running or exercising will be more optimal because it will take you a long time to feel tired or exhausted.
  • Burn calories: That's right if you've ever felt like you're gaining a few extra pounds and you're worried about it; remember that sport is like any other type of exercise. You'll get rid of extra calories! In addition, it is more than clear that it will increase your competitiveness, so you will be more active, more energetic and feel a greater desire to move forward.
  • It makes you feel better: Have you ever felt sad about anything? If you're busy exercising, you won't have time to think about things! Your body will be focused on doing such an activity, while your mind will be trying to help your body reach that goal. Keep moving and clear your thoughts!

Try playing a video game for a little while.

Distract yourself for a while with some game

It will sound implausible and even imprudent or foolish, but it has been scientifically proven that nowadays playing any type of video game has almost the same benefits as playing a physical sport.

But, why? This is due to the fact that your mind will be concentrated analyzing all the possibilities you must do while playing, your body may be sitting or lying down, however, your brain will be working 100% while deducing the actions you must do.

Today, the community of people who play these games, have experienced a sense of joy, well-being, distraction, and competitiveness. Video games catch, entertain and are fun, some bring their own stories that hook you and their playability allows you to play with other people, friends or acquaintances. You'll be entertained! Try something new and maybe you'll end up liking it.

                     Play some video game "just for a little while", don't abuse
  • Significantly increases competitiveness: Being massively user-oriented, many people will be playing or will be willing to play. So don't be surprised if you find someone willing to compete with you and measure their skills against you.
  • It's a great distraction: Ironically, it's been proven by numerous experts that video games can be a great escape for all the drowsy situations a person may be suffering in. It takes you out of your world and entertains you in terms that are hard to explain. Let's remember that we told you before, that you need to look for something new and that will take you away from the world in which you are probably tired. This is really beneficial in that way!
  • Immunology to diseases such as Alzheimer's increases: Once again we emphasize that it is proven by scientific studies and professionals that video games are a great medicine against this type of disease. But, why? Well, a video game handles all kinds of situations that require using the cognitive senses, using thought, logic and remembering certain situations or characteristics. This drives your brain to do more work; in other words, you would be exercising your brain.

Watch a show!

follow some show to combat the lack of energy
Follow a show you like

There are many websites and applications where you can watch a show without the need to be stuck to the television at a fixed and punctual time.

Get rid of it and explore a new world! If you are already a fan of these TV shows, you should have experience in that they help incredibly to the emotional increase and decrease worries and negative conflicts that you are going through at the moment.

Watching a show stimulates the brain and makes you distracted and hooked on that fictional world you're watching and listening to, say goodbye to those uncomfortable moments when there's nothing to do!

  • Entertains you: Just like the previous 2 points, watching a series stimulates you and catches you. It keeps you stuck in suspense and you look forward to what will happen and how it will all end.
  • And, it also motivates you: There are many shows in which the plot is focused on motivation, to give the person who sees it a reflection of what they are doing and what they would like to do. It will give you great emotional benefits!
  • Finally, it energizes you: It will sound implausible again, but seeing a series is comforting enough to keep you active and full of energy. This is because you are entertained exploring new opportunities, fantasies, and mysteries that you have never experienced before.


Socializing will help you feel better and therefore improve your mood and be more active and vital.

Sometimes, we believe that shutting ourselves up in our own world is the least way and solution to heal everything that disturbs or makes us uncomfortable.

But that's not the case, closing yourself off from other people can also be a negative effect on your mood and produce a lack of energy. So understand that you need to have fun with a group or at least a friend from time to time!

Exchange ideas, discuss a specific topic, share situations and events together. Human beings by nature are not made for being alone, they always need to be surrounded by several or someone, they leave behind the loneliness and the bad vibes and look for a way in which you can be distracted.

Socialize to fight the lack of energy
                             Socialize, you'd feel better and more upbeat.

Drink Coffee!

Coffee is one of the indispensable requirements when it comes to being energetic during the day. Nothing like drinking a small cup early in the morning, this will revitalize your body and give you all the energy you need to be active and exercise any proposed activity.

Remember not to ingest it with caffeine! Coffee alone will necessarily act for what we require. Also, remember to use 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar or sweetener to taste it.

Drink the water your body needs!

Drink water, being hydrated will help you fight fatigue and apathy.

Many people believe that it is not so necessary for drinking water to combat low energy, but it is false. You have to stay hydrated! Water is our vital liquid, the amount of water ingested will determine how much we can do.

If you drink too much, you may be harmed by overconsumption, but if you drink too little, you won't be able to stay in shape and you could get sick. Remember to drink water!


Feeling good is the key

Combat lack energy, encouragement, vitality, and motivation with entertainment, creativity, and distraction.

As we've already stated, everything we've seen has helped us get here.

  • We already know why sometimes we can't do something because we don't have the motivation or energy to continue, while on other days we are able to do it.
  • Also, we explain that emotions can affect us negatively and on them, we depend on if we want to do something. We must be clear about what we want!
  • Finally, we have the same opportunities and skills as men, women can do everything they do and better. We should not fear that they will do something and only they can continue doing it, that is false. We can, too!!!
Improve your mood, we will feel vital and full of energy

Even if we have a low energy level, if we are curious about practicing a sport, playing a video game, watching a series, let's do it. We are all human, we all have the same rights to experience something good new and to be distracted.

Exercising is complicated, at first we feel very little desire to do it. We must, therefore, bear in mind that we need motivation, without which we will not be able to continue. No motivation leads to quitting, we will not be able to follow any planned routine or schedule in any type of sport.

For more information about this, remember to visit our previous article, where we explained about motivation and how to get in the habit of exercising.

You deserve to be happy.

Before we train the body, we must train the mind. Also here we teach you how, because...You deserve to be happy!!