How to start the Exercise Habit? Start from scratch!

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How do I start the habit of exercising if I've never done it?

Exercise habit? Exercising or practicing a sport is one of the most difficult tasks for most people today, not necessarily because of the practice itself, but because of the motivation to do it.

Laziness and vagrancy are the strongest and most persistent obstacles in a person who has not done any physical activity before. In this article, we will explain what you should do and how to start an exercise habit?

Getting into the habit of exercising on a day-to-day basis can be tedious for some; or love for others, yet both points of view result in an important goal: To be healthy and to have perfect health.

Exercise gives quite optimal benefits to our body and organism. It increases our immune system and tones our body; getting to have a very attractive and voluptuous figure., However, saying so is not the same as doing so and therefore most people think that thinking about starting a daily training routine will be enough to get used to it, being the first mistake made.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you have to be motivated, it is the main source of beginning to get to have a habit constantly and the lack of this leads to abandonment. You have to be honest with yourself to choose your motives.

Why should I exercise? What kind of reasons should I have?

Exercising habit

This is a very broad question with many answers, everyone must have their own motives, thoughts, ideas, among other opinions by which would lead to the desire to undertake a habit of training.

We are all different and none of us are alike, however, we can point out the most frequent reasons among people.

Having a nice body

We usually associate exercise with losing weight and burning all those calories that make us feel obese.

However, there are scenarios in which we do not necessarily exercise because we are fat; since we are thin and we also want to exercise, nevertheless remember that if we feel somewhat obese, the idea that we will obtain a better figure can give us a small motivation to continue.

You shape your body

More than anything in adolescence and young adulthood, feeling thin and without a good physical appearance; it makes us feel sad and unhappy. If we mentalize over and over again, how our body would look after a constant daily workout, it may give us the courage to keep going.

Improves your health

Let's remember that doing exercise or sport increases our immune system, which gives us greater protection against disease.

Is motivation important?

Get motivated.

Indeed, without motivation, it will be impossible to even have a constant training habit. As we said before, lack of motivation leads to abandonment and thus to lack of interest.

It is extremely necessary to think of an idea, to think of an idea, and a final objective. Create a goal to achieve! We usually lose motivation due to laziness and vagrancy, however, let's remember Why are we doing this? We must move forward to achieve the desired goals at the end of the goal!

It's difficult and hard, especially at first. Our body being inactive for a long time and without practicing any physical effort, tends to weaken and suffer pain with the slightest effort, we must bear this in mind for when we start the race.

However, let us remember the gains or the benefits that we will obtain if we arrive at the end:

  • A better body.
  • Better health.
  • A better physical and emotional attitude.
  • We will obtain a better shape very different from the previous one.
  • We'll be more active and less tired.
  • And also we'll gain more dexterity and physical abilities than before.

These are just a few small points in consideration that you will get if you reach your goal based on constant training and perseverance.

It should be noted that not all exercises give the same results in our body, you must know which one to perform.

What kind of exercise should I do? What exercises can I do at home?

what exercise should I do

There are many types of exercises today, each has its own time and practice.

However, when starting to practice one, it is necessary to take into account your ability and limits.

We are not all the same, some of our tires more quickly than others, some of us have a disease or disability that limits us when it comes to exercising.

It is important to keep these points in mind when entering the world of training for the first time, otherwise, you could get hurt.

It is emphasized that it is always necessary to have a medical check-up, which visualizes possible health problems that prevent physical behavior.

Once you have determined that you have no impediment, you should reflect and think about how much your body will endure.

If you don't have any physical impediment, you can practice any sport.

If you don't want to practice a specific sport, you can train at home, even without any equipment.

Exercising at home works, too!

Anyway, we always recommend that you join a gym, where you will force your body only what you need.

At first, you will not start lifting weights, since your body has not experienced such actions before.

It is recommended that you visualize your abilities first.  If you want to know more about how to start a workout, you can find out more in our previous article on Women's Full Body Fitness Routine.
Starting with something basic may sound daunting and impractical, but your body will begin to get used to the constant effort you will get later with a more demanding routine.

You can try starting with squats and stretching, enough to keep your joints from cramping at any given time.

It is also mentioned that it is always necessary to warm up, several movements in the joints will avoid suffering some tear or muscle injury, apart from diminishing the final pain at the end of the exercise.

Once you're ready to start the routine, you need to think about what kind of exercise you want to do.

You can choose to lift dumbbells, biceps, triceps, or legs. If you do it little by little, it will help you get into the habit of exercising.

Naturally, all this to supervision of some trainer or with the most information obtained on the matter.

How do I create a habit to start exercising?

Exercising habit, how to start

To create a habit is not as difficult as it is posed, many times we create a different habit with the passage of time and we do not even realize it. So, how do we create one?

drink water

Certainly, there are two (2) ways to create a habit.

  • The first is what we call common and ordinary. It is created unconsciously and without being able to avoid it. It usually comes naturally from within, if something pleases us or distracts us; it will become a habit that is difficult to appease.
  • The second is that which we will call by creation; that is, if the first comes naturally, we create it artificially. What does this mean? Well, if you didn't have this habit before, now you will have it by following the next steps:

Establish your goals

To get in the habit of exercising, you must have a clear idea, a clear goal. If you don't possess this and you're not sure, you won't be able to get a custom. You must know what you want! Be sure of what you want.

Start slowly

You're probably encouraged; or discouraged by starting a daily exercise routine, this can upset or worry you in a way that will take time away from other activities.

In either scenario, you should know that you will start slowly, slowly. There's no rush! Your body has not become accustomed to exercise, so you should not demand more from it than it can give you.

Be constant

If you want to achieve your goal. You must be a constant person! Consistency is extremely important as well as motivation, without them you will end up abandoning your dreams. You must keep in mind that there will come strong days of constant physical pain and exhaustion. But all that brings great benefits!

Don't make excuses

Part of entering the world of exercise; these are the constant excuses we make every time we get tired or don't want to do any exercise. Don't make excuses!

For every day you don't train, you'll step back. In other words: Every time you deny wanting to exercise, you will return to the starting point. Your goal is the end, not the beginning!

Look for your comfort!

It is well known that in order to have a strong and lasting habit, you must feel comfortable! Look for a place where you feel calm, pleasant, fresh, and free to exercise.

There are occasions in which people have not been able to feel optimal due to the discomfort they feel when surrounded by many other people, this usually happens in the Gyms, if you really do not feel comfortable being in one, look for an option in which you are calm and comfortable. Practicing at home can be a fairly acceptable option, also in the park or some relaxing area.

Prioritize places and times

It is extremely important to know where and when to train. Sometimes we think that whatever comes, we put up with it. But you don't, you need time and space in which you can develop and increase your skills and abilities.

Try a nice place for yourself! Choose well the place and the time in which you would like to train. There are people who like to train early in the day, in the mornings is a good way to start.

You'll be active and energetic for a new day! Although training during the afternoon is more practical and pleasant, it is also valid.

Use reminders or alerts!

No one said that you can forget a custom, there are times when we lose track of time and what we are going to do. It is important that you take into account the days and hours in which you will perform your exercises. Place on your Smartphone or agenda the days on which you will train! Set alarms that remind you what to do at that moment, remember that for every time you do not practice, you will be taking a step back.

Don't exaggerate

There are people who believe that demanding oneself and reaching the limit is beneficial and the best; but it is not so. You must recognize that we are human and therefore we tire and feel pain.

Also, you have to be careful when surpassing yourself! You can get injured or hurt along the way, it can even cause the opposite effect of acquiring the habit of exercising. Always try to give your moment to everything and not abuse them.

Have a good time!

To get to have a custom, it is necessary to accompany it and mix it with another characteristic that gives you pleasure or joy. You should know that from time to time, we need to give ourselves a gift, so when you take time for frequent exercise, a little taste of a favorite drink or dish is good for you.

Remember that not everything is food! Maybe there are other things you like, some different activity like going to the movies, video games, reading, culture, among others, you get great.

Don't abuse!

Remember that everything in excess is bad, it is one thing to give yourself a small gift from time to time and another thing to give it to yourself daily.

And also remember that anything that delays your training is a step back! It will delay you and you will have to take the same step again to get back to where you left off.

Control your progress!

It is essential to know how far you have come and how long it will take you to reach your final goal. You must keep track of everything you have done and you will need to do in order to have the desired body!

Never lose control of what you've done, remember how much training you did on that day, and how much you'll have to do the next few days.

Get some rest if you have to!

This will help you get into the habit of exercising because there are days when you won't be as optimal as on other days, so don't be surprised if you get tired faster or feel more exhausted.

If so, give yourself a break! Go for a walk and clear your mind and muscles, remember that for the body to work. You have to work for yourself!

Drink water!

Water is probably the most important thing here, without that vital liquid you won't be able to keep up. It is necessary to prioritize the use of water! Always carry with you some thermos in which you can transport cold and potable water.

The colder it is, the better! Be aware that during the exercises you will be sweating and burning calories, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to recover the energies and electrolytes lost in the process.

It must be cold because you will not be able to recover or feel the same effects if it is hot or even at room temperature.
Water is your best friend!

Always keep the water present with you when you go to eat; drink a little water and the same when you go to do some training, remember that if you feel that the day is very hot or it is very sunny. You must prioritize water consumption even more!


Exercising habit

Entering the world of training and getting into the habit of exercising is quite complicated and annoying for those of us who are not used to making some kind of physical effort.

Getting out of our comfort zone is quite difficult and challenging. But remember that once you've set out to get out of your routine, you've taken a step forward!

Be constant, have a goal, have well-defined motives and principles. Before you have a nice, defined body, have definite ideas.
No one said it would be easy, but it gives quite satisfying and pleasing results. You'll see positive, mind-blowing results in a matter of weeks!

Always remember to have cold and drinkable water at hand, do not consume any type of food that would fatten you up. It's a step back!
Set goals, objectives, think about why you want to exercise. Always remember why you'll do something!

It is emphasized that depending on your body and the days you have done any specific exercise, you will begin to see the changes.

Sometimes they take a long time to be noticed, other times they come out faster than expected, and at other times, you don't even recognize yourself.
Work hard and venture!