10 home remedies to moisturize dry or chapped lips at 0 costs that work!!

How to moisture your lips

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue Alvarez M.D.

How can I moisturize my lips naturally? Our lips are one of the most beautiful parts of our bodies. They enhance our physical beauty and health at first sight. Detailed, full, and shiny lips will always make us stand out from the crowd

To properly moisturize the lips, we must avoid lip balms because almost all of them are petroleum derivatives. Instead, we will use natural products such as coconut oil, aloe vera, or shea butter. We can also make a homemade balm with honey and sugar.

Despite this, lips tend to dry out very quickly during the day; as a result, they tend to become brittle, chapped, and dry. That generally happens on the hottest and coldest days.

How to moisturize your lips at home

Both poles in excess tend to negatively affect the lips, which can split and if we are not careful. We can even hurt the part of the lips, spilling blood in return.

Likewise, diseases, along with neglected health in food, can lead us to possess brittle and ugly lips.

In this new article, we will be answering the question of how to moisturize your lips.

The first thing you must take into consideration is to moisturize your lips. You need to moisturize the corresponding area. You can do this by applying a specific product to moisturize the lips. You can also use some liquid to keep those areas hydrated again.

how to moisturize your lips

Moisturize your lips; it’s effortless, and you can do it naturally without the need for chemicals or products. However, if you would like to use a product that moisturizes them quickly, you can do so without any problem.

Many, if not all, of these products, have water as the first essential ingredient. In some cases, this is correct. Water is the best remedy to hydrate our lips quickly.

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How to moisturize lips at home

There are natural remedies that can help you recover the necessary hydration, to improve the beauty and shine in your lips, then we will present it to you:


how to moisturize your lips with sugar

How to moisturize lips with sugar? How to get rid of dry lips?

Sugar is one of the best natural remedies to moisturize lips easily and quickly. That is because sugar has exfoliating compounds that help recover the shape and growth of the lips. It helps to eliminate the dead cells and remove impurities and imperfections. 

In addition to its succulent flavor, this is one of the best home remedies for everyone (we recommend not to ingest it and only apply it to the lips since too much sugar can compromise your health).

You should apply the sugar particles to your lips very carefully and let the effect do its job. I like to use more brown or brown sugar, as some people call it better for exfoliation. The materials we need are:

  • One small bowl to prepare the mixture.
  • Spoon.
  • One container to keep our exfoliant. A spoonful of sugar.
  • A spoonful of honey. 
  • A spoonful of sugar (it does not have to be very big) and a container.


  • In the bowl, we will add a teaspoon of honey, and then we will add a teaspoon of sugar, and we will stir everything very well.
  • With the same spoon of the preparation, we will proceed to place in our superior and inferior lip a little of the paste that we have just prepared.
  • With our index finger, we proceed to make movements in a circle to exfoliate all our lip.
  • Then we wash our mouth with warm water to remove the honey and sugar.
  • Finally, we put on a lip protector and moisturizer.

This remedy will give intensive hydration to your lips.

Olive oil.

we can moisturize the lips with olive oil

Olive oil is another of the best known and most popular natural remedies in the kitchen. As olive oil is entirely natural oil, it can provide favorable treatments for health and our body. Studies have shown that olive oil has positive effects on any use concerning the skin or the care of it.

If you want to increase the beauty and care of your skin, using this oil is one of the best options you can do.

Thanks to the natural properties that olive has, it is an excellent exfoliant that will quickly recover chapped lips, moisturizing them considerably immediately.

We recommend that you mix olive oil with a little honey. (The mix can be ¼ of spoonfuls between both) Then apply to your lips and let it act for a good while.

The best thing is, you do it every night before you go to sleep. Apply the mixture to your lips and let it work through the night until the next morning, which you should stir with warm water. Make sure the water is not cold enough.


honey is a great natural remedy to moisturize the lips

Honey is another natural remedy, which can help hydrate your lips effectively and quickly.

Honey is composed of various natural chemicals that help moisturize and nourish the skin, especially if it is the lips, as it will provide quick hydration to prevent dryness in them.

Honey has healing properties and benefits in the care of the dermis. Dermatologists recommend honey for the care and regeneration of these tissues in the lips.

To take full advantage of these properties, we recommend that you beat the honey in a small container, then apply it to your lips with your fingers and massage the area gently, until you notice small changes.

Coconut oil.

how to moisturize your lips with coconut oil

Coconut oil, also called coconut butter, is a natural fat that serves as a natural antioxidant and helps the treatment of cosmetics.

We can find coconut oil almost anywhere; at a reasonable price, you can easily apply it to your lip area, leaving it on for several minutes (depending on the amount of dryness).

The drier it gets, the longer you have to keep it.


we can use the cocoa cream to moisturize our lips

The cocoa cream is another natural remedy to maintain our beauty, quickly moisturizing the area of the lips. Cocoa is an excellent antioxidant that helps rebuild the broken or dry tissues in the lips.

Cocoa cream usually comes in many products of cosmetic uses. So, if you buy a lip gloss, possibly among its ingredients, come to this supplement.

Shea butter.

how to moisturize your lips with shea butter

The fatty acids in Shea butter allow the absorption of vitamins A, D, and E, which helps the lips moisturize incredibly fast and heal chapped areas.

Generally, Shea butter comes in cosmetic products, which means that if you buy a product for dry lips, surely among its ingredients is Shea butter.

Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most recommended remedies for any type of skin treatment. The skin manages to absorb all its properties in an effective and fast way. The same applies to the lips, being one of the zones that more significant absorption has for the benefits that present the Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is one of the natural remedies, its composition and treatments do not affect the health negatively; on the contrary, it helps to improve the health we have.

Proper care and adequate treatments help to increase the beauty of our body — also, the firmness and resistance in the skin tissue.

You must clean the aloe vera leaf with a lot of water, enough to extract its gel or oil.

Once you have done this, you should wash your hands and the part of your lips with soap.

Once done, apply the aloe vera gel to the area where your lips are.

We recommend that you do this every night before going to sleep and leave it on all night since aloe vera needs its gestation time to be able to fulfill the hydration process.

Almond oil.

How to moisturize your lips with almond oil

Almond oil is an excellent remedy for skincare, health, and moisturizer your lips.

Thanks to the components of fatty acids and antioxidants that almond oil gives us. We can use it for our benefit in skincare, beauty, and health.

Almonds are very beneficial for their antioxidants, helping skin tissue to remove dead cells and rehydrate the corresponding area.

We recommend that you rinse a cotton ball in hot water, and then wipe the skin of your lips until they are moist.

Then repeat the process with another cotton ball, but this time, apply some almond oil on it and apply it all over the area.


Cucumber, a great natural remedy to moisturize your lips

The cucumber contains in its natural composition, several benefits that favor the skin, thanks to all these compounds, the skin absorbs better the water, the acids and some types of Vitamins.

Cucumber is beneficial when it comes to increasing the beauty and care of the skin and its health. Added to the very economical cost of cucumber, its frequency in the kitchen is quite frequent.

The advantageous effects that cucumber brings to us are hydration effects, the production of collagen, and the consequences of antioxidants required for the skin and the body.

To apply the cucumber, you must cut it into slices and massage your lips with them.

Depending on the level of dryness, you should increase the time of use.

If you just need to hydrate the area a little, leave it for a few minutes.

If they are very cracked and dry, you should increase the rest time until you start to see positive effects on the lip skin.

Mango oil. 

mango oil

The mango oil can help in the hydration of the whole organism as such. Both the skin and the lips benefit from this, and it helps your health, to be higher and more adequate.

Health care is essential to be free of disease and to possess great physical beauty.

The properties of mango oil are excellent antioxidants that allow you to moisturize your lips quickly.

You should apply 3 to 4 drops of mango oil on a cotton ball or tissue. Then you should massage the lip area for several minutes until the skin absorbs the natural compounds of the mango.

How Do Lips Get Chapped?

how to look like this


We recognize chapped lips by many names like dry lips, sore lips, or split lips. It is a medical professional call it cheilitis. However, the lips that are dry and cracked with peeling skin is what we call chapped lips.

Those of us who suffer from it seek reasons for our chapped lips. Two significant factors are contributing to the peeling of the skin of the lips. Two significant factors are contributing to the strip of the surface of the lips.

The sebaceous glands are responsible for keeping the skin moist by producing sebum. The term sebum is commonly called as skin oil or only as oil.

The sebum contains several minerals and vitamins along with water, which is essential for healthy skin. And, lips lack this crucial property of dermis which makes them prone to several problems, including peeling of the skin.

The second factor is the skin of the lips is very thin. There are several layers of skin, after which muscles are located in our bodies. But, the surface of the lips lacks the benefits of containing several layers of skin.

That is why lips are more prone to be affected by environmental factors. However, there are several other factors also which causes chapped lips. Let us take a look at vital factors contributing to this problem of ours.



Since our lips are only covered with a layer of thin skin. That is why the dermis is delicate at this part of the skin. Therefore, the effects of environmental factors are more harmful than we usually realize.

Chiefly, lips are more prone to suffer in dry, cold weather. The harsh climate of winter lacks moisture droplets. The water droplets in the air help lip skin to stay moistened.

While cold climates contain a lesser amount of water droplets due to which skin becomes dry and starts to peel-off.


Vitamin A

Nowadays, we eat more multivitamins only due to fear. However, we forget we get all the essential minerals and vitamins from our food. And, additional vitamins are prescribed by medical professionals to those who suffer from a deficiency.

The effects of excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals are adverse. Primarily, an excess amount of vitamin A is harmful to the skin of the lips. 


Many of us lick our lips several times a day. The most popular reason for this behavior is moisturizing lips with saliva. But, enzymes in saliva are designed for the digestion of food.

And, these enzymes are pretty harsh on the skin. The skin of lips is already thin and delicate due to which effect of proteins adds to the dryness of the dermis instead of preventing dryness.



Our daily dose of prescribed drugs can be the cause of chapped lips. The chemicals of medications require more bodily fluids to work properly. The excess loss of body fluids causes dehydration, which in turn causes dry lips. And, dryness of the skin is cause for chapped lips.



Sour foods like oranges and lemon contain acid, which is called citric acid. The presence of this acid is the reason due which certain foods are citrus foods.

And, when the drops of juice from citrus foods come in contact with the soft skin of lips, then it tears away all the moisture from the skin.



It is a misconception that chapped lips are a result of the winter season only. Many of us experience chapped lips in the summer season also. The reason for this problem affecting us in summer is the sun.

The sunrays contain ultraviolet rays. These rays irritate the delicate skin of the lips. The sun-burnt skin inflames the lips. The inflammation of the skin causes chapped lips.



The most important part of skincare is vitamin B2 and vitamin C. These two vitamins are water-soluble, which is why they are quickly terminated from the body.

Those of us suffering from frequent and unexplained chapping of lips should seek medical advice for treating such deficiencies.


Breathing Habit

Many of us have a habit of breathing through the mouth. It is indeed an unhealthy habit. It mainly affects the skin of our lips. The air passing through our mouth into the diaphragm dries out the surface of the lips. The drying of the skin causes lips to become rough.


Physical Changes

There is a certain age when we come across different changes in the body. For example, hormone changes during the teen years. The effect of these changes helps us to grow but causes dryness of lip skin. 


The flu.

The flu is the most common and frequent illness ever; worldwide, at least 1 out of 3 people tend to get sick with the flu.

The flu is not a deadly or worrying disease; it is temporary, but it tends to disturb our daily lives, especially our beauty. The flu generates mucus, which makes us lose “water” in our body, and therefore, the lips are getting dry.

Fever is also the leading cause of dry and chapped lips (the higher the temperature in illness, the more negative effects we will have on our lips)

The allergies.

We are not always very keen on the ingredients of the body products we use routinely. The components of some beauty products can become a cause of the allergy, which, in turn, causes chapped lips.

Allergies have a negative influence on our beauty; if we are allergic and do not tolerate specific products or foods, we tend to suffer side effects on our body and health.

The lips are the main areas where we will be compromised when we suffer an allergic event. We must be careful when dealing with these foods or chemicals.


how to moisturize the lips when we have them dehydrated

The effects of dehydration are harsh on our bodies. The lip skin typically receives vital nutrients from the blood. Dehydration causes blood to transmit lesser nutrients to the lips.

That increases the cells of lip skin to die more rapidly than usual. These dead skin cells look like flakes of dandruff and cause the lip to become dry and sore.

Dehydration can happen for two different causes, lack of water and illness. Several diseases compromise our health and lead us to suffer noticeable physical effects, such as chapped or dry lips.

We must be careful about this since drinking water is an essential thing to maintain our health. We also stress that saltwater is exceptionally harmful, and instead of refreshing us, it dehydrates us very quickly.

We recommend keeping ourselves hydrated as much as possible. We must drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.

Vitamins are essential to maintain our health. They do not explicitly come in medical capsules (medicines). We can get vitamins in any type of natural food that exists.

If we do not eat properly, we will suffer from rapid dehydration, and our lips will quickly dry out.

We recommend that you change your diet to a more balanced and healthy one.


The problem of chapped lips is prevalent. All of us suffer from it now and then. However, it is an easily manageable problem that goes off without much effort.

And, most of us treat it effectively at home only without any complications. But, the effectiveness of treatment can be increased by finding the right reasons for chapped lips.

Nevertheless, frequent chapping of lip skin needs medical supervision. So, understanding the reasons for chapped skin is essential for the efficient treatment of this problem of ours.

The delicate skin of lips undoubtedly gets affected by several biological reasons. While many of us fail to understand the negative of lip care is cause for or chapped lips.

To a greater extent, our lifestyle choice can be the cause of chapped lips. Therefore, it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, those of us who have the habit of smoking should reconsider this choice of ours.

Since smoking not only causes chapped lips but also increases our chances to suffer from chronic illnesses.



 here we teach you the best home remedies

How to moisturize your lips? They will always tend to dry out quickly due to certain factors such as heat or cold. Also, various types of diseases or allergic conditions are the results of dry, deformed, and unattractive lips.

You can use lip care products, such as lip gloss or lip liner. However, you can also use things you find in your kitchen, at a lower price, and with the same effect.

Also, remember that natural things tend to be the best for health and care.

You can find more information in our beauty section.

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