Fall In Love With AVOCADO-Benefits and hidden SECRETS!!

propiedades y beneficios del aguacate

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M.D.

The avocado or American Persea is one of the fruits that give us more benefits to obtaining healthy calories, fats, and vitamins without exceeding the first two.

When we think of some healthy food that helps us in the exercise and gives us all the necessary components to keep us healthy, the avocado is the best of all.

You've probably read or heard a lot about the benefits and properties of it. But how true is it? Are there other foods that can replace avocado? Why is the avocado fruit and not a vegetable?

Stay with us; we will tell you in this article about the benefits and properties of this wonderful fruit.

The avocado is a berry fruit because it grows in trees, and it has a seed inside. Since it comes from trees, it is a natural healthy food, giving us the vitamins necessary to develop life.

It also very beneficial affects health, thanks to the fact that it provides healthy fats. (A type of fat that does not affect health negatively, if not, quite the opposite)

Benefits and properties of avocado
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Properties and benefits of avocado

The first benefit we get when we eat an avocado, it is its great fat content. Still, it is not a fat equal to those in unhealthy foods, but it is a type of fat that positively affects our body and attributes great varieties of vitamins.

Vitamin E is one of the main benefits of eating an avocado; even so, it also has vitamins from group A, C, D, K, and B, which we will explain below.

Avocado is rich in Vitamins

  • Vitamin E; has as function in the body, the formation of the tissues, the fertility, and the antioxidant effect that helps us in the body. So whenever you read or hear "Vitamin E," associate it as a reduction in the speed of aging.
  • It contains vitamin A that provides three essential functions: It maintains the creation and development of tissues, helps the proper functioning of vision, and causes bone growth.
  • Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant.
  • Avocados also contain vitamin D that regulates our metabolism and provides us with calcium and phosphorus.
  • Vitamin K helps regulate and clot the blood, making our blood flow smoother and without obstructions. (It is ideal if we do many exercises or physical activities)
  • Finally, it contains vitamin B that brings many varieties of benefits. (One of them is metabolism and energy production)

It is rich in fiber

Since it is a fruit composed of several nutrients, it is a food rich in fiber. As we already know, fiber prevents most diseases and is scientifically proven to have positive health effects.

Avocados are a great source of energy and rich in potassium

By bringing inside, large amounts of calories, avocados give us the energy necessary to perform any activity or physical exercise, giving us hours and hours of training.

Avocado helps to reduce cholesterol

The avocado attacks the "bad" cholesterol and brings benefits for the "good" cholesterol, increasing your immune system and preventing you from suffering from diseases. A study published in the journal PennState concluded that avocado consumption helps to reduce the bad cholesterol.

It is a complete antioxidant

It has several compounds that help reduce aging and its long-term oxidative effects. In general, avocado's antioxidant power depends on its variety, soil and climatic conditions, and the fruit's treatment after harvest.

The highest number of avocado antioxidants is found in the skin and stone rather than in the flesh, although avocado pulp is very rich in these.

Scientific research published in the magazine Molecules showed that avocado and especially its seed has great antioxidant power.

If you eat avocado, the level of triglycerides decreases by up to 20%

A Pennsylvania State University study showed that avocado helped reduce triglyceride levels by up to 20%. That happens by replacing the common fat in our diet with the instaurated fat contained in it.

Another study for the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) concluded that Avocados are beneficial in reducing cardio-metabolic risks.

The heart absorbs its fatty acids

Due to its pulp oil compounds, the heart absorbs them, and thanks to this, it eliminates and prevents the amount of fat that you will accumulate in it.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is incredibly good

Avocado brings an oil that is beneficial to our health; this oil is scientifically only 1% and brings varieties of natural chemical compositions that benefit the body's health.

  • Reduces LDL cholesterol (Harmful cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol. (What is healthy)
  • Given its vitamin A concentration, it helps avoid any vision (including blindness, cataracts, eye pains, etc.).
  • Because its chemical structure is designed to carry a large concentration of vitamins that help HDL cholesterol and attack LDL cholesterol, it absorbs all the cholesterol accumulated in the intestine.
  • It has positive effects on problems such as heart and kidney cells.

Avocado is the fruit with the most healthy fats that exist

As we said before, healthy fats are a different type of fat, which, unlike the others, is characterized by contributing 23% of your weight.
Similarly, this fat rivals the market's healthiest fats, such as olive oil fat, canola oil, peanut oil, and sunflower oil.

It prevents the growth or development of cancer

Due to its natural properties, avocado is an excellent reducer against cancer cells.

It helps the vision

Given its large concentrations of compounds, most provide properties to the vision and prevent any eye disease.

Avocado reduces the aging process

Its chemical compounds slow down the speed at which we age over time, making us arrive at the same time much slower.

It helps you lose weight

Avocado contains healthy fats that are good for weight lossIf you want to know how to lose weight properly, read our article "How to burn abdominal fat in women."

It relieves the symptoms of arthritis

Its oil helps reduce arthritis problems in the bones, giving them the desired positive effect.

Avocado helps the heart

Avocado calories help preserve your health since it decreases and comes fat that accumulates in your body and heart. If we combine avocado consumption with moderate exercise like walking, it will bring incredible benefits to your heart. 

You may be interested in  "WALKING FOR EXERCISE. Its incredible benefits for our body."

It relieves the symptoms of menstruation

Relieves the symptoms of menstruation

Since, as we said before, it avoids excess blood during menstruation and pregnancy.

Its oil brings benefits to women

For women, its oil has enormous positive effects on our organism, reducing and avoiding the high levels of liquids retained in our organic system.

Several studies have discovered that both the oil and the avocado pulp help considerably to women's healthy lifestyle, increasing their faculties in their daily routines. (More, if they are women who have a very active exercise routine or above average, i.e., not stationary.

Versatility in the kitchen

Thanks to the delicacy provided by the pulp of the avocado, we can make several dishes with this fruit. Some prefer to add it as a complement to their daily meals, such as rice, chicken, etc., giving it that unique and salty flavor compared to other foods.


First of all, you must know how to preserve it. If you don't take enough care of it, it will rot and lose its vitamin properties. To do this, you must see if the avocado is in full green color. (It may mean that it has not yet matured)

  • It would be best if you placed it in a paper bag or a place where you can keep it until it matures. (Such as a damaged refrigerator or pantry)
  • As time goes by, you will notice that it begins to darken, which means that the avocado is ripe.
  • It does not have an exact date as to how long it matures, but we can calculate that it can be around 3 to 4 days at room temperature.


If you want to grow your avocado, consider the following:

  • It is a fruit created or born in a tropical climate or a low season, so it does not withstand low-temperature levels since it is damaged and dies.
  • You should take the seed from this fruit and plant it in a small pot; keep it away from any cold place, the warmer, the better.
  • Try to water it consistently and let the sun always hit it.
  • Avoid the seasons with an excess of cold and wind; the warmer the season, the better.
  • Use fresh soil.
  • Once you see that the seed is growing, you can transport it to a larger area. (Like your garden)

The avocado sows and cultivates procedure; it is like any other fruit, you must always avoid the contact with low temperatures, and that the heat, still is the essential thing.

Combination with other foods

One beautiful thing about the pulp is that you can combine it with many dishes, and it will always taste delicious. Combining it with foods such as lemon, guacamole, olive oil, and various desserts will make you taste an incredible culinary sensation.

Recipes with avocado

There are varieties of recipes that you can do with the pulp of the avocado; below. We present the most popular methods:


Guacamole, a delicious way to eat avocado

Without a doubt, guacamole is the most popular guacamole recipe. You can make different types of guacamole with avocado and its pulp.

Avocado salad

avocado salad

Sometimes, one thing comes better for 2. That's why in this salad, you will combine three things — a variety of vegetables, avocado pulp, and a little guacamole.

Ham and avocado

Ham is one of the most versatile companions when it comes to varied recipes. It will give you combined with avocado a taste worth trying!

Avocado ice cream

Ice cream is a great way to eat this fruit.

Avocado ice cream? That's right! This dessert is one of the most coveted, we recommend it.

Avocado Malteada

Another dessert very sought after in tropical places. It's delicious!

Coconut with avocado

Sometimes, it's hard to imagine what flavor the sweet will have combined with a salty one. This dessert made with avocado is one of the most sought after recipes in tropical places for exquisite taste.

Avocado plot

Another avocado recipe for our desserts, this dessert is one of the best to choose if you like sweet taste. Surely you will want to give it a little taste and experience its flavor.

Tips for consuming it

A trick to speed up the ripening process is putting a banana in a plastic bag next to the avocado.

Another trick to finding out if it's ready to eat is to shake it gently and hear it from the inside; you notice a bone-shaking or shaking. If this happens, it means it is ripe.

Similarly, you can put a little pressure with your fingers on its structure. If you can compress the avocado easily, it is already ripe.

It is recommended not to put it in the refrigerator or at shallow temperatures because it does not support this environment and deteriorates very quickly.

Lemon trick

The lemon can help the avocado since the lemon; it avoids damage by oxide; it is for that reason that if you want to conserve it or take the maximum advantage of it, you must cut it until you see the seed.

Once seen, apply a little lemon around and into it. (A trick is to extract the avocado pulp from a knife or spoon and then add the lemon.)

The butter

The pulp makes the right combination with lemon and butter, giving a very exquisite and delicious dish. Likewise, the properties that give us are healthy.

We recommend to join it with bread or some passing compliment. (Something made with flour, is quite delicious)

If you want more information about healthy foods, read our article "The best 22 foods for our health according to science."

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