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Como reducir cintura

Fat seeks safety in inactive places. That truth is very evident. For example, it is infrequent for us to accumulate fat on our forearms or shoulders because we use them a lot.

On the other hand, we accumulate fat in our hips, buttocks, and waist because we don’t move them enough.

We are a lazy country. But there is still hope for improvement. Here is a series of exercises that will help you tone and strengthen your stomach muscles.

Remember, however, that the key to achieving a slender figure is twofold: exercise and the reduction of fat in the diet.

you can reduce your waistline

You need both, but I’m here to tell you which exercises are most effective in reducing your waistline.

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Top 10 Exercises to Get a Smaller Waist

Make them all in a row, a series of each but without rest between them. Once you are stronger, you can increase the intensity of the routine by taking a couple of minutes of rest at the end and practicing it again.

You are going to practice the principle called “giant series.” Try to do 15 to 25 repetitions in each exercise in a slow and strict style, breathing naturally.

Pelvic or Kegel movement

Lie on your back, knees bent, rest your feet on the floor. Arms at your sides try to raise your lower back off the floor without lifting your buttocks or hips. Hold for five seconds and repeat 15-25 times.

Here's a video with two Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and get a smaller waist.

Leg Scissors

  • Lie on a mat or in bed, legs extended. Support your hands on the sides of your body for more stability.
  • Lean back slightly without arching your back.
  • Now do “scissors” with your legs, up and down, at a distance of about 30 centimeters.
  • Repeat 25 times with each leg.

That will work your thighs, hips, and abdominals and help reduce your waist.

Alternating leg lifts to reduce waist


  • Lie on your back on a bench or mat with her legs bent at the knee level.
  • Now, carry out the movement of the exercise 1.° but at the same time raising slowly the trunk towards the legs.
  • You only need to elevate enough your body so that the shoulders are not touching the ground.
  • Repeat 15 to 25 times.

Excellent for your abdomen and waist.

crunches to reduce waist

Vacuum exercise, hypopressive or Nauli Kriya

That is probably the most effective and essential exercise on the whole list if you want to reduce your waist. Nauli Kriya is a yoga technique that they use for purification and massage of the internal organs.

This exercise is super useful. In my case, I was able to reduce two sizes of pants. If you want to lower your waist, you have to incorporate this exercise into your daily life.

With this movement, we work the anterior rectus muscle of the abdomen. That is the muscle responsible for keeping our internal organs in place.

Over the years, this muscle so crucial to our body is losing its strength, so we must work it.

Below I leave you a small tutorial where you will learn to perform this exercise so good for our waist.


Oblique twist

  • Sit on a chair or bench, with a stick or broom behind your head.
  • Tilt slightly backward to create tension on your abdominals.
  • Then turn very slowly back and forth while holding the previous position.
  • Do 25 repetitions in each direction.

Lateral foot twists

oblique with dumbbell to reduce the waist
  • Standing, with a dumbbell or bag in one hand, and the other resting on the hip.
  • Leaning toward the opposite side of the weight, doing it slowly and all the way.
  • Repeat 25 times. Then change hands and do another 25 repetitions with the other side.

Sitting leg stretches

  • Start by sitting on a bench, clinging to her sides to support you. çElevate your legs slightly, with your knees bent, trying to join your chest with your knees.
  • Then stretch your legs without touching the floor, and bend them against your chest.
  • It is a laborious exercise, of which you must do 15 repetitions.

Pelvic lifts

pelvic lift to reduce the waist
  • Lie on your back, but this time with your head elevated on a pillow.
  • Hands should be on both sides of the body or anchored behind the head.
  • The legs will be supported, with the knees bent. From that position, you should elevate the pelvis and legs with the strength of the stomach muscles, slowly lowering and doing 15 repetitions.

Back raises

back elevation
  • Lie on your back, but this time with your head elevated on a pillow. Hands should be on both sides of the body or anchored behind the head.
  • The legs will be supported, with the knees bent.
  • From that position, you should elevate the pelvis and legs with the strength of the stomach muscles, slowly lowering and doing 15 repetitions.


Practice aerobics if you want to reduce your waist
The last thing you should do is 20 to 30 minutes a day of good aerobic activity. Choose the exercise you like best.

Why can you not reduce your waist?

95% of people who diet, regain the weight. Why? Many factors prevent you from reducing your waist like:

why you don't reduce your waist
  • Physiological mechanisms that stop metabolism when caloric intake drops.
  • A possible genetic predisposition makes that when the level of fat falls to a certain point, your appetite increase and the metabolism decreases.
  • Stop the metabolism produced by drastic diets and perennial obesity.
  • Psychological factors, such as stress, negative emotions, and the “protective barrier” that obesity creates for some individuals.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • ? Facing the fact that you can not reduce waist quickly and easily, that its control requires permanent changes in our eating and exercise habits.

If you want to know the best foods to achieve your goal, read our article "The best 22 foods for our health according to science".

The best way to achieve this is through a combination of a fat reduction program and regular exercise. It's slow but sure.

Here's a great article on exercise and diet titled "How to have a model body."

The "yo-yo" effect on our waist

The "yo-yo" effect on our waist

The yo-yo effect is the result of a physiological consequence. As we diet, fat cells become more efficient in conserving their energy.

When we return to catching fat after hardships, our fat cells increase their efficiency in preserving their energy, and metabolism slows down.

That’s why, when we go back to diet, it’s more difficult for us because the body burns fewer calories.

If we have a history of “yo-yo” diets, our metabolism has adjusted to react to the alleged famine. Then it works slower and makes it harder to lose weight and therefore reduce our waist.

You have all the information for training and exercises to achieve your goals in our Fitness section.


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