What are Zodiac Signs? Everything you need to know!

What are zodiac signs?

What are zodiac signs? Zodiac signs are the twelve constellations of stars that lie along the ecliptic. The word "zodiac" comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "circle of animals." So these 12 constellations represent a cycle, or circle, of animals in the sky.

Zodiac signs are those that describe the personality of a person. It includes where a star is relative to other stars in the sky and how it changes as time progresses. A predetermined set of 12 zodiac signs tells you what the personality traits are like by reading them as they correspond to months. A person could have all or part of a zodiac sign depending on their birth month. The following is an article about zodiac signs.

You can find your zodiac sign by looking up what constellation is rising on the eastern horizon at sunset on your birthday. If you're not sure which constellation is rising where you live, consult this map to find out!

Please read this blog post to learn more about zodiac signs and their meanings!

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What is a zodiac sign?

A zodiac sign is an astrological symbol representing the sun's position in constellations at a given moment. The names and symbols of animals represent the signs, and each sign has its own meaning, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.


The origin of zodiac signs dates back many thousands of years ago when astrologers started to make up stories about the movement of planets, stars, and constellations about signs. The astrologers used 12 different animals to create a yearlong calendar that began with the spring season and ended in winter. Then, they linked these twelve animals to traits, personality types, and an overall outline of horoscope interpretations.

Because they could not see the planets directly, they had to make up stories and myths about them to understand their movements. The sun was associated with the lion because it appeared to roar like a lion during its journey across the sky. It was also linked with gold, light, and life. The moon was shown as a dog because it followed the sun across the sky. The moon was falsely connected with silver, the night, and death.

The sun starting its journey in the sign of Capricorn symbolizes the goat, which looks like a mountain goat climbing up the steep slopes of mountains to find food. You can easily find this animal near rocky outcrops - an apt description that represents a person who slowly matures. Individuals born during the winter season have "goat energy" about them, suggesting that their horns and climbing skills can identify them.


The zodiac signs also represent a cycle of life. The beginning of life is associated with the youthful and free-spirited characteristics of Aries. The end of life is linked with the wise and strong Capricorn, who has so much to give up in terms of youthfulness because he had attained wisdom beyond his years.

The movements of the sun, planets, and stars are applied to astrology and astronomy, and timekeeping. Because of this fact, the modern calendar year is divided into twelve months - each month has 30 or 31 days depending on whether it is a leap month. The months are further divided into seven-day weeks, with one day being held aside for religious purposes.

In the Gregorian calendar that many people use, the year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. The months in between are named after zodiac signs; for instance, November is linked with Scorpio and September with Virgo.


It was not until the thirteenth century that the zodiac signs were actually used as horoscopes to interpret a person's personality and future. The horoscope was then known as parapegma at that time. They invented a device called the astrolabe in the eleventh century to help with making observations of stars, planets, and other heavenly objects. This is what started the trend of using zodiac signs for taking a person's horoscope.

In some cultures, astrologers use symbols that differ from those used in Western astrology. For example, Chinese astrology has its own set of specific characters to represent signs and planets. Also, the Hindu system called Vedic Astrology gives us the sidereal zodiac, a fictional belt divided into 12 parts.

How do you know what your zodiac sign is?

For well over two thousand years, astrologers have told us that the position of stars and planets affects your personality.

So if you are born in a particular month, like, the month of January, you'll most likely be a particular zodiac sign: for example, a Capricorn. These Zodiac signs can tell you a lot about your personality, mindset, and destiny.

What are the twelve signs? The twelve animal signs (zodiac signs) are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Each one represents a sign that occurs over a span of 30 days. For example, Aries comes after the Sun enters Pisces and before it enters Taurus.

Your zodiac sign is determined by the date you were born (natal chart). Below are 12 days that correspond to each different Zodiac Sign, so find your birthday and see what your sun sign is!

In the following birth chart are the 12 zodiac astrological signs:

  • Aries - 21 March to 20 April
  • Taurus - 21 April to 21 May
  • Gemini - 22 May to 21 June
  • Cancer  - 23 June to 22 July
  • Leo  - 23 July to 22 August
  • Virgo - 23 August to 22 September
  • Libra - 23 September to 22 October
  • Scorpio - 23 October to 21 November
  • Sagittarius  - 24 November to 21 December
  • Capricorn - 22 December to 19 January
  • Aquarius - 20 January to 18 February
  • Pisces - 19 February to 20 March

Earth signs

Earth is an element that grounds us, and the three earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn - are typically stable. Before there was a theory of gravity, Aristotle thought Earth to be the heaviest among all four elements.

Water signs

The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They don't shy away from deep and heavy conversations or what's going on below the surface.

Fire signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three fire signs of the zodiac. They reside in this element's part of the astrological calendar because they're all fiery individuals with strong personalities that can light up someone else's day just by being themselves!

Air signs

The three air signs are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. They're usually:

  • Teachers because they enjoy exchanging knowledge with others.
  • Writers because of their creative mindsets and ability to express themselves through words eloquently.
  • Editors because they work well in a fast-paced environment where precision is key.

The story behind each of the 12 signs of the zodiac and how they were determined.

The zodiac is an ancient concept that has been around for thousands of years. It originates in the types of movements observed in celestial bodies such as planets and stars. It has evolved to have various meanings, depending on the culture within which it appears.

According to mythologist Philip S. Jones, the zodiac originated from ancient Mesopotamia around 3,000 B.C.; however, the Chinese zodiac has origins dating back to 2637 B.C. and even earlier in other parts of China.

The word "zodiac" literally means "circle of animals" or "circle of life," from the Greek words ζῳδιακός and κύκλος. It is a band of 12 segments into which the sun, moon, and planets seem to move as they travel in space across the background of the stars.

When we talk about zodiac signs today, we are talking about twelve 30° arcs along the ecliptic plane; more precisely, we are talking about the constellations of those arcs. We say that a planet is in a particular zodiac sign when it is located within the corresponding constellation at the time of an observer's birth.

As different cultures across history have had different ways to track the motions of celestial bodies. They would also have had different systems for dividing up the heavens.

Our modern zodiac signs are derived from the system created in Babylon over 3,000 years ago: a sequence of twelve 30° arcs along the ecliptic plane through which the Sun, Moon, and planets seem to move as they travel.

Through space- hence "zodiac." The Babylonians then named these 12 divisions after animals that were represented by mythological figures in their constellations. Finally, the Babylonian astronomer Ptolemy of Ancient Greece connected the dots and listed these 12 signs in order we are still familiar with today.

What are zodiac signs?

This is a collection of stories about each Zodiac sign, detailing where they originated from and their influence on you.

Aries (The Ram)

The Ram is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore is connected to beginnings. The Aries symbol represents aggression, courage, and impulsive nature, making a leader out of anyone born under this sign.

Practicality vs. Impulsiveness

Aries can be described as a convenient sign; although their choices are often made in haste, they have good reasoning for everything. In addition, they are extremely determined people who do a lot of research before making big decisions.

However, they are typically more impulsive than practical, and this impulsiveness can often get them into trouble if they aren't careful. Therefore, Aries needs to learn to think before they act.

The Cardinal Position

People born under the sign of Aries tend to be very energetic and love being in charge of other people. They enjoy having control and leadership roles throughout their lives.

Aries are natural competitors who always want to win, no matter what the game is or where they end up playing it. They want to be the best and beat everyone else, which makes them very motivated to succeed.

Aries is a Fire sign that also rules the head, which means that Aries people are in touch with their own thoughts - or at least they believe they are! But, unfortunately, the truth is that Aries tends to be overconfident about all of their decisions and opinions, knowing that there is no one else they would rather be than themselves.

Taurus (The Bull)

Taurus, the second astrological sign in the zodiac, represents security and abundance. It is a symbol of power and wealth. On the other hand, Taurus is a fixed sign representing determination, stubbornness, patience, and practicality.

Taurus people are also susceptible. They like to touch everything they see, taste everything they eat, smell everything they find- if it can be experienced with the senses, then Taurus will want to experience it.

This natural curiosity and need to experience the world around them makes Taurus very innovative people who like to create things. But, unfortunately, it also makes them collectors, as they always want to hold onto "just one more thing."

People born under this sign are typically quite calm and will only be riled up when someone or something threatens what they own. However, once they feel that their possessions are safe, they can become very lazy and lethargic.

The second half of the astrological year is ruled by Taurus (earth sign), which means that people born under this sign are good at saving money and planning for the future. They know how to be frugal with their resources, but they also know how to make it last for success.

Gemini (The Twins)

Gemini (air sign) is the third astrological sign in the zodiac. It represents communication, duality, and curiosity- in short, all of the above make Gemini's very adaptable beings.

Geminis are among the most sociable signs out there, but they can also be quite shy at times. However, they love learning about new things and meeting new people, which means they are always willing to travel and see the world.

They also enjoy keeping busy, sometimes even to a fault! They will come up with more ideas than they know what to do with, so they keep adding them to their list of things that they have to do.

This sign is ruled by Mercury, which means that Geminis are quick thinkers and fast communicators who can think on their feet to make a new plan when one isn't working out. In addition, they tend to be problem solvers because they always want to find the easiest way around things.

Geminis' biggest downfall is that they can be impatient with themselves and other people. They are inquisitive people who want to get to the bottom of things right away without taking any time to consider all of their options carefully.

Cancer (The Crab)

People born under the sign of Cancer tend to be extremely caring, compassionate, and nurturing individuals who put the needs of others above their own. In addition, cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means that people born under this sign are incredibly intuitive and in tune with their emotions.

Cancers' biggest fear is being abandoned, rejected, or left all alone, so they will do whatever it takes to avoid those feelings- even if it means putting their own needs aside for a while. People born under this sign are very nurturing, and what they like the most is taking care of those around them.

Cancers' biggest downfall is that sometimes they take on too much responsibility for other people's feelings or lives, which causes them to neglect themselves in the process. They can also be very anxious people who obsess over things that are out of their control.

Leo (The Lion)

People born under the sign of Leo tend to be extremely warmhearted, dramatic, and confident individuals who enjoy being the center of attention at all times. In addition, Leos are ruled by the Sun, which means they have a natural need to be the best at their work and seek recognition for their efforts.

Leos are also very confident people who believe they can walk on water with just a little bit of faith, but this confidence comes before a fall- sometimes Leos' inflexible nature makes them arrogant. As a Leo myself, I have to admit that I tend to overestimate my abilities and capabilities.

They can also be very impatient people who have difficulty waiting for things they want and dream about- sometimes, their impulsiveness causes them to get into trouble.

Virgo (The Virgin)

People born under the sign of Virgo tend to be analytical, hardworking, and logical individuals who are very dedicated to their passions. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which means that they have a natural need to be right all of the time and seek perfection in everything around them.

They are also hardworking individuals who will work tirelessly towards achieving their goals without stopping for anything or anyone until they have reached the finish line.

Virgos' biggest downfall is that sometimes they take their perfectionism and overly analytical nature too far, making them appear controlling or insecure to other people.

Libra (The Scales)

People born under the sign of Libra tend to be very diplomatic, creative, and considerate individuals who seek balance in all aspects of their lives. People born under this sign are ruled by Venus, meaning they have a natural need to please people and want everyone around them to be happy and satisfied with the way things are going.

Libras tend to do everything they can to ensure that other people around them are pleased with everything, making them appear selfless at times.

Libra's biggest downfall is that they tend to be very indecisive people who have a hard time choosing between two things or deciding on one thing over another. They also tend to avoid conflict rather than addressing it head-on to keep the peace.

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

People born under the sign of Scorpio tend to be very passionate, strong-willed, and intense individuals who see everything in terms of black and white. People born under this sign are ruled by Mars, which means they have a natural need to control whatever situations they are in.

Scorpios need to control whatever situation they are a part of, and that need for control can often become obsessive. But, on the other hand, Scorpio is a very driven sign willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its goals.

They also have a great sense of intuition, which helps them know when someone is not telling the truth or completely honest.

Scorpios can also be very jealous people who quickly assume the worst in other people and manipulate situations to come out ahead. They tend to use anger as a way of keeping themselves from becoming vulnerable emotionally and use it as another form of control to manipulate situations in their favor.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which represents extremes.

Sagittarius (The Archer)

People born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to be very outgoing, optimistic individuals who are free thinkers and always look at things from an objective point of view. However, people born under this sign can also be a little arrogant at times, as they are one of the most optimistic signs in Astrology.

They are very forward people who tend to be blunt about what is on their minds, often getting them into trouble with other people. However, Sagittarius' biggest downfall is that they have a hard time accepting that other people don't see things the way they do and have a hard time dealing with that fact.

Sagittarius' biggest downfall is that they tend to be very pessimistic people who spend too much time dwelling on past negative thoughts, which can ruin their entire day. They also tend to be judgmental people who can make assumptions about other people without knowing all the facts.

Sagittarius is ruled by Pluto, which represents extremes.

Capricorn (The Goat)

People born under the sign of Capricorn tend to be very reliable, practical people who are known for being hard workers. However, people born under this sign can also be very bossy and controlling at times, as they need to take charge in every situation.

Capricorns tend to want to control every situation and can often end up micromanaging other people. Capricorn's biggest downfall is that they are very pessimistic people who feel the need to take everything so seriously all of the time.

Aquarius (The Water Bearer)

People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be unique individuals who are known for being unconventional thinkers. Aquarians have a reputation for being eccentric and can easily break out of traditional patterns of thinking. People born under this sign will often think outside the box and develop their own way of doing things.

They tend to be very pessimistic people who spend too much time dwelling on past negative thoughts, ruining their entire day. They also tend to be judgmental people who can make assumptions about other people without knowing all the facts.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which represents the need for freedom.

Pisces (The Fish)

People born under the sign of Pisces tend to be very sympathetic people who are known for being compassionate and understanding(The Fish)

People born under the sign of Pisces tend to be very creative, imaginative, and compassionate individuals who are willing to put others before themselves to make sure that everyone is happy.

But, unfortunately, people born under this sign are ruled by Neptune, which means they have a natural tendency toward escapism.

Pisceans tend to avoid conflict at all costs and go out of their way to ensure that everyone is pleased with them.

Pisces is also an empathetic person who can sense other people's emotions even if they don't want those feelings to be sensed, which can help them relate on a deep emotional level with other individuals. They also tend to have very vivid dreams and imaginations that take them away from reality sometimes.

Pisces is ruled by Pluto, which represents extremes.


Zodiac signs are the 12 different constellations that are used to represent people's birth months. The zodiac is divided into four groups of three, each with a specific set of personality traits and characteristics that define how they interact in social situations.

In order from Aries to Pisces, these personalities include dramatic Leo (born between July 23rd and August 22nd), sensitive Libra (September 24th through October 23rd), ambitious Sagittarius (November 22nd through December 21st), and emotional Aquarius (January 20th through February 18th). So now you know what your sign means!