How to make your lips bigger

We have all gone through the struggle of trying to make thin lips look bigger. There is more to finding the right pout than what meets the eye. A gallery flooded with rejected snaps to find the perfect selfie is a testimony to the effort that goes behind it. Here's a guide to nailing that ideal full lips look.

All of us crave for that sexy pout. No more is it a far-fetched dream. You can achieve the million-dollar look by following some easy tips while selecting the right makeup and following a healthy diet.

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Picking the right color for your lips is very important. However, you can make thin lips look huge and nail that pout you want with some other tricks that you can follow while applying makeup.

How to make your lips look bigger

Use concealer 

A concealer acts as the first layer of foundation for your lips. It will help the color to last longer and shine through. Concealer covers up the edges and will help you over-line the lips to make them look larger if you apply the right concealer would prep up your lips as the perfect canvas for the art to follow.

Pick the right gloss

Applying gloss that matches the color of the lipstick you have picked can give your lips a noticeable shine. It is more important to apply the lipgloss on mid-lips than on the ends to provide them with a pop. 

Applying Lipstick 

Applying lipstick over the middle of the lips too can give them a fuller look. Dabbing them after with gloss can also help in showing more volume. Lipgloss tends to reflect light that draws attention to the lips.

Attend to your Cupid's Bow 

Highlighting need not stop with cheekbones. Touching up the top of your cupid's bow can make your lips look voluptuous. It can deliver a more prominent aura to your lips. While you highlight, make sure to pick a shade that compliments your complexion.

Pick the right Lip Liner 

Start over the cupid's bow with your lip liner. Define it more around the edges and fade it out as you move towards the center. You can decide on how plump you want them to look with the right outlining.

However, do not over-do it. Go only a bit over the natural borderlines of the lips. You wouldn't want them to come off, looking unnatural.

Try Plumping them

There are numerous methods you can resort to for plumping up your lips. If you are not for the plumping treatment, you could always go for a plumping lip balm.

A plumping treatment widens the lines around the lips and adds to the volume. Many companies like Smashbox and Dior have come up with lip-plumpers.

They increase the blood flow around the lips and cause them to 'swell.' These are mostly temporary and can end up drying them out altogether.

If you are looking to purchase a lip-plumper, be sure to pick the right one with the least irritants. You may even try to make your own at home using cinnamon and beeswax or peppermint and cocoa butter.

Accommodate a Nude Color 

Picking the right lipstick color is not the only important part. Layering the lips using multiple colors can give the illusion of fuller lips. You can make your lips look larger by applying a nude shade over your lips after applying your preferred shade of lip color. Apply this nude shade over the middle of your lips and even it out. You can play around with this illusion. You can make either lip fuller, if not both. All you need to do is practice applying the nude shade correctly over them.

Concealer and a final touch of Lip Balm

Most Instagram beauties use this trick. Applying concealer after having applied the shade can also help for fuller lips. Use a concealer to line around the lips with dabs for a final touch. The perfect tail-end should be a smidge of lip balm to keep the lips delicate and soft.


Apart from makeup, there are many things you can do regularly to pop up your lips. These amusing tricks will have long-lasting impacts, believe it or not.

What before Make-up?

It is essential to prep up your lips before you apply shades on them. By resorting to some easy exercises, you can get your lips ready.


If you massage your lips before applying makeup, you are cleansing the pores and removing dead skin cells and flaky skin around it. You can use a simple facial scrub on the lips.

If not, you can make your natural scrub with sugar and oil. Another way is to brush them with a toothbrush gently.

Staying Hydrated 

That's right; water is a remedy for everything. Hydrating lips will save them from drying out. Keeping the body hydrated also helps to make thin lips look larger, giving them lustrous texture. Keep them shining with water!

Massage your lips

Dab your lips with essential oils and massage them regularly. That helps to keep them soft and increases the blood flow.

Practice facial exercises 

They can strengthen up your muscles and give a more defined structure to your lips. Try whistling, gathering the lips up and down, and smiling. Move those muscles around the lips as much as you can in frowns and grins around 10-20 times each day.

Cayenne pepper

Lastly, even if it seems a tad bit bizarre, try rubbing cayenne pepper over your lips. Spicy business, sure. But this traditional remedy has been proven to have long-lasting impacts. The irritation that follows its application only helps to stimulate the flow of blood.


It is one of the best natural exfoliating agents in nature. When you exfoliate your lips, you increase blood flow. You can use the same trick for getting fuller lips.

To exfoliate your lips effectively you need to mix sugar and coconut oil or olive oil.

You will increase blood flow. This trick will leave your lips with a touch of volume, but also some rosy color. You can find more information about this remedy in our article "How to moisturize your lips naturally. "

Ice cube

You need to apply ice to spots where there is swelling, and you have to reduce the swelling. 

If you feel pain, ice is excellent for reducing it—the same logic labors with making your lips look bigger.

The ice can temporarily flatten your blood vessels to make them look rosy and plump.

All you need to do is rub an ice cube on your lips for two minutes.

The results will be instant.


We know that cinnamon is a natural irritating. But it is also effective for soothing skin problems.

  • Mix some olive oil and cinnamon.
  • Apply that mixture on your lips, and leave it to stay for a few minutes.
  • Then you have to massage gently with your fingertips.
  • Cleanse the area and enjoy your softer, fuller, and tender lips.


This remedy has many ingredients that could softly irritate your skin and lips to make them look bigger.

  • You have to put 1/3 teaspoon of cayenne powder in a small bowl, 1/3 teaspoon of powdered ginger, 1/3 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon, one drop of mint oil and one teaspoon of olive oil. 
  • Then you need to gently massage the mixture on your lips for a few seconds.
  • Then let it sit for five minutes. Clean it up, and you'll see a big difference.


With so many home remedies and tricks up our sleeves, one shouldn't worry about winning over fuller lips. The perfect pout is easily achievable with the right ploys.

The goal is to make thin lips look bigger while keeping health and safety as priorities.

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