How can I make my natural nails look nice? 10 TIPS

How can I make my natural nails look nice?

How can I make my natural nails look nice? Immediately perceptible, immediately expressive, our hands and especially our nails can quickly become a source of concern and distress even for the most beauty-conscious and educated of us all.

That, of course, hardly surprises us since hands and nails are possibly the worst treated and most neglected parts of our body.

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How can I make my natural nails look nice?

How can I make my natural nails look nice?

Don't cut them too much

Please do not cut the nails too much at the sides as they will split and produce internal blisters.

Be persistent

 Be persistent with treatments to improve the condition of your nails. It takes at least two months to give the new nail the possibility to grow strong and flexible.

Avoid nail steel files

 Avoid steel files and use emery boards or sapphire instead to shape your nails.

Use nail polish solvent

 Use a nail polish solvent twice a week only; otherwise, it will dry out both the nails and cuticles and always buy a product that has a built-in conditioner.

Use rubber gloves

Always wear rubber gloves if you do household chores. Cotton gloves will protect your hands and nails if you are gardening, polishing furniture, dusting, etc.

Avoid using your fingertips

If you want your natural nails to look nice, avoid using your fingertips when dialing phone numbers, pressing switches, etc.

Do not rub them with hard brushes

Do not rub them with hard nail brushes, as they weaken the nail and dry it out. 

If you use a nail hardener, do so carefully 

The benefit of using nail hardeners is not scientifically proven, so use them only occasionally. Having healthy nails is directly related to having flexible nails. Keep this in mind when using these products.

Don't manipulate your cuticles

Yes, helping the cuticle stay soft and produce new cells should be the focal point of any good manicure or nail enhancement program.

For example, the problem of brittle and fragile nails, try using a proper cuticle and nail conditioner cream every night before you go to bed. 

That will nourish the skin around the nail and keep it supple while replacing the oils and moisture from the nail and cuticle dragged in during the continuous investment in water, soap, and detergents.

Moisturizes the nail properly

Moisturizing the nail will prevent it from breaking, improve cuticle health, and help it grow healthier.

Why do nails split? What causes fingernails to keep breaking?

What causes nail braking

What causes nails to break when they are:

  • Immersed in soap and detergents.
  • Attacked by extremes of hot and cold water.
  • Exposed to society, abrasive cleaning products.
  • Bitten and pawed as the target of stress and nervous tension.

How can I make my natural nails look nice? Most of us need regular care to maintain strong, healthy, and flexible nails and smooth and soft skin.

What makes nails so vulnerable in the first place? Their structure and growth pattern gives us the best clues and helps explain why careless treatment usually leads to split, brittle and flaky nails.

The visible surface of them is, like hair, lifeless, and consists of compressed cell skeletons. These cells already originated in the womb (the internal uterus of the nail), rich in capillary vessels and nerve endings that feed the tissue.

The dead cells lie in multiple, tightly packed squamous layers bound together by a minimal amount of fat moisture. This protective bonding decreases as they do so:

  • The moisture in our skin.
  • As we age.
  • During a prolonged or severe illness after an emotional crisis (try yoga to face this issue.)
  • As a result of sudden changes in dietary climate.
  • In short, everything that disturbs our body's metabolism and internal balance.

The state of the cuticle is, on the other hand, a more visible factor in nail care and, therefore, more controllable. The cuticle is much more alive and determines to a great extent the way the nail grows.

 It must be kept flexible and free from the real nail. Otherwise, it will impede its growth and produce irregularities.