How to grow nails fast and strong naturally, 10 tips that actually work

how to grow nails

How to grow nails stronger? For women, keeping their nails long is about beauty and glamour. However, it is not easy for most of them, and they struggle with this because they don't grow fast or are weak.

For a complete renovation of the nail, approximately 6 to 8 months should pass from the root to the tips because they grow only 0.1 mm per day. To make the nails grow, you must start by having a diet rich in antioxidants and proteins, avoid breaking them and apply nutritious nail polishes.

 Nail health is a matter of patience because they break before reaching our goal. Some people cannot resist biting them.

Strong nails reflect a woman's personality; keeping them long will always give us the right image. For this reason, below, we will show you some tips to keep your nails strong, long, and healthy. 

We will also tell you some home remedies for healthy nail growth. Also, how to take care of them.

Finally, what foods you should eat to keep your nails healthier from the inside.

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What is the nail made of?

The nail is a hard protective film composed of keratin in both the fingers and toes. A healthy nail is flexible but firm, whitish, and translucent with a pinkish color in the nail bed. It can take up to 8 months to renew, as they only grow 0.1 mm per day. 

Causes of brittle, fragile, or weak nails

 Some habits, diseases, or activities you do can damage your nail plate, your nails and prevent them from growing healthy and robust some reasons what cause you to have broken nails are:

  • Anemia.
  • Fungus.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Iron deficiency.
  • Nutritional deficiency.
  • Biting them.
  • Diet deficient in vitamins.
  • Use of detergents, cleaning items without protecting the hands with gloves.
  • Performing activities in which they suffer blows.
  • Lack of hygiene. 
  • Minerals deficiency.

How can I make my nails grow? Tips to have strong and long nails

how to have beautiful hands

To strengthen nails is not always necessary to resort to false nails. Brittle and weak nails can be caused by a lack of moisture, weak blood circulation in the nail bed, so you should follow some tips for healthy and strong nails:

Do mechanical pressure

If you do this, you increase the fingers' blood flow to make the blood reach them. Some examples are playing: the piano, typing, or filing documents.

That is good to get more blood flowing into your fingers and therefore grow your nails. But this doesn't mean you should press the keys with your nails. Instead, it would be best if you pushed them with your fingertips.

Keep a warm temperature in the area.

High temperatures increase the growth rate of the nail. Try to place yourself in warm environments or wear gloves to keep your hands warm and increase blood flow.

Always wear them clean and well-cut.

Cut them periodically as they grow to shape. This way, you avoid getting clothes caught in your nails. I also recommend that you get a good manicure with a professional regularly.

Cut your nails round and not square. Cut them in a round shape that helps reduce the risk of breaking. This way, they will grow much more and better. 

When we have a hard blow and break our nails, it is pulled out from the matrix. We should avoid that.

Take care of the cuticles.

Moisturize the cuticle with moisturizing hand cream. You can also use oils such as coconut or almond. Massage it frequently, trying never to remove it. Before cleaning the nail cream, soften the cuticle by submerging it in warm water for a few minutes.

Apply a base coat

Never put the polish directly on the nails. Instead, try to apply a base coat beforehand. This way, you will avoid direct contact with the chemicals that the nail polish brings, thus avoiding weakening them and making it easier to remove the color. In addition, the base coat can be hardening or nourishing.

Apply nutritive glazes or hardeners once a week, repeating every 15 days.

Consume antioxidants

Antioxidants contain benefits to make nails more elongate and more robust; some of these antioxidant foods are peppers or tea.

File your nails in one direction

When you file them, do it in only one motion because filing in two or more directions weakens the nails and will make them split very fast.

Olive oil baths

To have strong nails, they must be hydrated from the inside out with natural oils such as olive oil. In addition, this softens the cuticles.

To do this, you must immerse your nails in the oil or place a few drops on each one twice a week.

Do not abuse nail polish remover.

Nail polish remover damages the surface of the nail. If you have to do it, try it just a couple of times.

Do not use acetone. Try to apply nail polish remover, as they are not as aggressive and will prevent them from breaking and thinning your nails, try for a week not to paint them to eliminate the yellow tone.

I recommend never removing the nail polish manually because it makes it even weaker.

Use a nail strengthener every week

Apply a coat of strengthening polish or base coat every night before going to sleep. A good product is helpful in strengthening nails and avoiding them from breaking. You will have strong and hard nails in no time.

Cover your nails

Place gel or false porcelain nails. That will allow your nails to grow naturally without breaking.

When performing different household tasks, protect your hands with gloves to scrub and clean with strong detergents or ammonia.

These chemicals deteriorate the nail; for this reason, every time you go to perform a household task to protect it with gloves.

How to protect nails from breaking 

  • Never apply thick layers of nail polish. Instead, we recommend using three thin layers to paint the nail to be removed faster and with an even finish.
  • Say no to quick-drying, as it causes dehydration of the nail.
  • Don't apply the nail polish without a base underneath, and this way, you will avoid it staining.
  • Never cut the cuticle; it takes care and protects the nails from some infections. If you do it regularly, the cuticle will become thicker and more rigid; they will be weaker and weaker.
  • Try to file always in the same direction because if you do it back and forth, the nail will break, and it will end up cracking.
  • Do not apply nail polish continuously because they contain harmful substances that can turn the nails yellow. Instead, let the nails rest from the nail polish compounds. They need to be natural to regenerate.
  • Please do not use your nails as a tool because they are not a working tool. For example, please don't use it to remove labels or uncover cans because this weakens the nail structure. If you are going to perform a task like this, use scissors, knives, or spatulas.

Home remedies for growing, long, and healthy nails.

how to grow nails fast and strong

White vinegar

  • To make your nails grow with the white vinegar, soak your fingers in the white vinegar for about 5 minutes.
  • Then rinse with warm water. 
  • It would be best to do this about 2 or 3 times a week to notice the changes.

Lemon and milk

  • Mix very well 1/2 cup of milk with the juice of 1/2 lemon.
  • Then soak your hands in this mixture for 15 minutes. 
  • Do this three times a week.


Horsetail o Equisetum is a medicinal plant that accelerates the nails' growth and makes them consistently strong. That is because it has a high silicon content, a mineral that helps treat weak and brittle nails, thus preventing them from breaking so that they are more robust.

 Prepare this home remedy as follows:

  • You will need to make an infusion of horsetail.
  • Let it cool down so that you can insert your nails into that infusion for 15 minutes. 
  • You can do this several times a week for better results.

Milk and lemon juice

That is an ideal remedy to harden the nails and prevent them from breaking easily. It also leaves them with a more beautiful and uniform color.

  • To do this, you will need
  • 1/2 cup of milk.
  • Juice of one lemon.

 To prepare it:

  • Mix the milk with the freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Stir well and introduce the nails in this liquid, letting them soak for 15 minutes. 
  • Do this effective treatment three times a week, and you will see how they will get stronger and grow faster in a short time.


Onion is a potent remedy for getting strong and healthy nails.

  • To perform this treatment, peel an onion and soak the nails with the juice.
  • Please put your hands inside a bag with the onion juice's juice, close it and leave it overnight to be the fastest effect.

Orange juice

Soak your nails in freshly squeezed orange juice for 10 minutes. The orange contains vitamin C that helps your nails grow.


The tomato is a vegetable with a high amount of biotin, one of the primary nutrients for growing nails. 

  • To do this, you must mix the tomato with olive oil.
  • Submerge the nails in this mixture for 10 minutes.

Green tea

This remedy helps strengthen your nails, avoid breakage and weakness, and fight fungus. To prepare it, you will need:

  • One bag of green tea.
  • 1 cup of water.
  • Three drops of green tea tree oil.


  • Boil the water, add the bag of green tea, and let it rest for 20 minutes.
  • Then remove the bag and add the tea tree oil. 
  • Put the nails in this mixture for 5 minutes.
  • You should perform this process 2 to 3 times a week. 
  • Before making this remedy, your nails must be clean and free of polish.

Natural oils for nail growth

 Natural oils help you nourish your nails profoundly and provide the nutrients to make them grow. Below, we will introduce you to some oils: 

Olive oil

This oil is ideal for moisturizing the nails, promoting their growth, and preventing scales' appearance on the surface. 

  • To make this remedy add a little olive oil to a container.
  • Insert the nails for 10 minutes.

Almond oil

This oil hardens and moisturizes the nails, wetting a cotton disc with a few drops of oil and passing it around the nails' contour.

Castor oil

The oil contains vitamin E that hardens weak nails, and moisturizes the cuticle. For this remedy, you have to apply a few drops of castor oil directly to the nails. 

Argan oil

Its essential fatty acids nourish the nails from the inside, preventing them from becoming fragile.

Vitamin E oil

This oil is a powerful natural antioxidant that promotes the growth of the nails and strengthens them profoundly.

How to grow nails with garlic

Garlic is a natural product that makes nails grow and get stronger. It also helps prevent the formation of bacteria and promotes blood circulation. The most used garlic remedies are: rub it directly on your nail or mix it with lemon to make a paste and apply it on its surface.

We will show you different remedies you can do with garlic.

Remedy#1: Garlic only

  • For this remedy, you will need two cloves of garlic.
  • Crush them very well in a container and place the result on your nails.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • You can also apply the garlic clove directly to the nails. 
  • For this remedy to perform better, you do this home remedy at night, as garlic has a very intense aroma and smell.

Remedy # 2. Garlic and lemon

With this remedy, you can strengthen your nails and make them look more cared for and healthier. 

  • You will need one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a clove of garlic.
  • Apply this paste to the nails. 

Remedy # 3. Boiled garlic

  • Crush large garlic clove.
  • Then bring it to a boil in 1/2 cup water.
  • When cooked, please remove it from the heat and wait to cool.
  • Apply it on the nails.

Remedy # 4. Homemade garlic polish

Make a homemade glaze with garlic and olive oil to prepare it:

  • Crush 3 cloves of garlic very well in a mortar.
  • Then you have to place it in an empty enamel container containing less than half of the content, which is also transparent.
  • Then add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Beat it until it is well mixed and let it macerate for 7 to 10 days in the bottle.
  • You will have to apply this polish two or three times a week on your nails before sleeping. 
  • You can also add garlic in tiny pieces to the nail polish and apply it to the nails.

 That is an excellent remedy to strengthen and help your nails grow.

Remedy # 5. Boiled garlic with lemon juice

  • Crush a clove of garlic and cook it in a cup of water for 3 minutes.
  • Then remove it from the heat, and when it is cold, add a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Mix everything and fill an empty enamel container. 
  • You only have to apply it every night before going to bed.

Homemade nail hardener.


To prepare this natural hardener, you need:

  • Nail polish or a transparent enamel.
  • Garlic.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Vitamin E capsules.

This combination is extraordinary thanks to the properties of its components:

  • Garlic is a natural ingredient to strengthen the nails and prevent them from becoming weak. It also eliminates bacteria and mycoses.
  • Vitamin E is ideal for fast-growing nails. 
  • Lemon juice contains properties to strengthen and reinforce the nails, favoring their growth.


  • To do this, the first thing to do is to put the liquid from the vitamin E capsule into the clear enamel (by pricking it with a pin) and then the garlic cloves (which you must soak in hot water for a few seconds).
  • Then proceed to crush them in a mortar or grind them in the mixer.
  • Finally, add the enamel's garlic juice and squeeze the half lemon, adding 20 drops.
  • Close it and beat it vigorously until it changes color.

Foods that promote nail growth

 The lack of vitamins or minerals affects the nails' growth, appearance, and resistance. For example, if there is an iron deficiency, your nails will have white spots and pale colors.

When the nails are weak, it is because of a lack of protein, iron, and zinc. For this reason, you should eat the following foods to keep them strong and healthy.

Better foods for nail growth

  • Red meat. It maintains adequate protein and iron levels.
  • Red fruits. They strengthen and prevent the nails from breaking down and help the absorption of iron since they are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.
  • Wheat germ. It is rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, and fatty acids.
  • Brewer's yeast. It is composed of many amino acids, proteins, and vitamin B.
  • Flax seeds and nuts. They are rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Omega 3. In addition, they provide elasticity to the nails.
  • Salmon. It moisturizes the nails due to their fatty acid content. It also has phosphorus that helps grow and repair tissues and cells, which harden the nails.
  • Almonds. Contain a great source of selenium and biotin, minerals essential for the nails' health, growth, and strengthening.
  • Egg. is a source of protein and, in addition to sulfur, which helps form keratin, and its high content of biotin also improves brittle nails.
  • Avocado. It is rich in vitamin B, E, and proteins, folic acid, ideal for growing nails.
  • Green vegetables. They provide vitamins A and C, which are suitable for stimulating the secretion of natural oils and thus keep the nails hydrated. Some of these vegetables are chard, lettuce, and spinach.
  • Mollusks. They are rich in iodine, zinc, and iron, essential foods for producing keratin in the nails. Among these are mussels and cockles.
  • Milk. Its content of calcium and vitamin D helps strengthen the nails.
  • Tea and infusions. When you drink a lot of water and infusions, it helps your nails stay hydrated.


Several foods are very beneficial for nail care. Besides, applying natural products directly to the nails helps you strengthen and grow healthier nails. An essential aspect to keep your nails longer and more vital is a healthy diet and good hygiene.

DISCLAIMER: does not provide medical advice, examination, or diagnosis.

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M D.