Landmine Workout: A Simple Workout For Weight Loss

Landmine Workout

If there's one thing the pandemic has caused aside from the virus is the influx of weight loss workouts everyone can try at home.  

However, the question is, are you fully maximizing the workouts you're doing outside the gym? If you are trying to lose weight or build muscles, you must ensure that you can achieve them in the best way possible.

Landmine workout
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Our tip? Try out landmine exercises, which are particularly effective at increasing your body versatility, strength, and the endurance of your cardiovascular system.

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What is a Landmine?

A landmine used in terms of a workout is usually a piece of versatile yet efficient exercise equipment. It makes use of a barbell or plate anchored to the floor and weight found on the other end. The barbell's angle will allow you to apply force vertically or horizontally using a controlled but steady space to move it in a natural arc motion.

What is a Landmine Workout?

In a landmine exercise, you get to pair different muscle groups that will push your cardiovascular system (specifically the heart) harder, resulting in an increased blood flow among involved organs. This rise in heart rate means that more calories are getting burned by your body as it increases.

If you are in a crunch for time, landmines can help by training multiple body areas at once, even if they are shorter and more intense than other workouts. Landmine workouts incorporate various planes of motion such as squats, hinges, body push and pull, and core stability exercises.

If you wonder what the difference is between a dumbbell or barbell exercise routine and a landmine workout, the answer lies in the angle and movement pattern involved. Landmines require unique angles that require you to use an arching movement instead of a straight line motion, which merges vertical and horizontal pushes.

Landmine exercises are easily varied for athletes or more active individuals, as you only need to increase the weights for more challenges efficiently and safely.

Who should try a Landmine Workout?

Landmine workouts are perfect for gym junkies and enthusiasts looking for a more challenging workout. Are you getting comfortable with squat racks or kettlebell lifts? Don't miss out and try landmine workouts to provide a more efficient workout that targets different muscle groups.

But, if you are a beginner looking for a way to make time for yourself most productively and healthily possible, landmines can still be your best friend! Using weights for this purpose is more stable than traditional dumbbells/kettlebells and is safe for those with little to no exercise experience.

Why You Should Try Landmine Workout

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Easy to do Workouts At Home

Usually, landmines require a landmine machine which you can find in most major gyms. You can easily identify it as a barbell in a metal tube on a pivot system that you can move in any direction. Yet, what makes it a favorite to exercise enthusiasts is that it does not need a big room for execution, which makes it a good option for those living in limited spaces like condominium units.

Also, there is no need to worry if you can't go out due to government restrictions or are afraid to go out in the open. You can create your landmine equipment by propping a barbell in a corner in your house or a 45-pound plate or dumbbell and by securing it using heavy plates (though only recommended for those familiar with lifting heavyweights. 

Multiple Muscle Benefits

As mentioned above, landmine workouts incorporate different benefits for muscle groups. Since it is technically a barbell anchored to the ground with a rotational base, it is like using free weights and machines requiring and training you to have a proper form. 

Losing weight will require you to do different workout routines that usually get repetitive and boring for some people. Imagine doing squats, lunges, and core exercises all at once, for it has the same benefits as exercising with gym equipment, for it builds stability, stamina, muscle strength, and power.

Safer Exercises

If you're scared to work out and strain your body, it's good news that landmine workouts are safe and accessible for every body type, age group, or experience. Most people even find this type of workout easier than using barbells and dumbbells for losing weight or building muscles.

It minimizes the risk of injuries, which is specifically helpful for those with previous injuries or misalignments that result in limited mobility issues.

For example, it can be beneficial for those starting athletes seeking a good foundation before moving on to more complex training in connection to their chosen sport. Or, it can also benefit a recovering athlete who, for some reason, is not able to do axial load because of acquired or recurring injuries.

Portability Options

Another issue one usually encounters while attempting to do workouts for losing weight is the need for large, bulky types of equipment. But what if you don't have a weight rack in your home? How can you add variety to your routines, then?

It's good news that landmine exercises are efficient even if they don't require you to move the equipment from one space to another. You can perform many workout variations even in a limited space, which minimizes the risk of injuries and accidents.

Easier Exercise Variations

If you are looking for ways to spice up your weight loss journey, landmine exercises are a nice way to add more challenges and increase the weight load. In addition, you can create complex movement patterns that will allow you to target multiple muscle groups of your choice.

These workouts can help while planning for your weight loss journey and exercise plan, for they can function as a progression or regression filler. You can also opt for having landmines as an accompaniment to your existing exercise plan, where they can add more benefits but are not your priority.


No need for expensive gym subscriptions and no need to compromise your health and safety anymore! Landmine workouts are helpful fitness exercises for weight loss at home while stuck in a pandemic. It has various benefits that will help you become a better and fitter version of yourself.