How to use Strawberry for your Skin, Tips for beginners!

Strawberry for skin

Have you yet discovered the beneficial properties of strawberries for your skin? Strawberry is one of the most excellent sources of antioxidants; vitamin C fruits are fantastic for young, radiant, and attractive skin.

You can make a lot of different beauty treatments with these red fruits. For example, you can use them to peel your skin or give more hydration. You can also use them to protect your skin from the sun, stop wrinkles from happening early on, and make you look younger.

Let's look at the properties of strawberries for the skin and how to use them in your regular beauty routine.

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7 properties of strawberries for the skin

Strawberries are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which may help to improve the health of your skin from the inside out. Here are the primary characteristics of strawberries for your skin, so be aware!

  • They cleanse and exfoliate.
  • They lighten the skin.
  • Strawberries tone and moisturize.
  • They help to treat acne.
  • They protect the skin from the sun.
  • Strawberries prevent aging.
  • They reduce dark circles and puffiness.

How to use strawberries to cleanse and exfoliate the skin

How to use strawberry for your skin

As we saw earlier, one of the most exciting aspects of strawberries for the skin is that they function as powerful natural cleaners and exfoliators.

The strawberry composition is ideal for eliminating all dead skin cells on the dermis and removing impurities. Dead cells not only make your skin appear unsightly, but they also generate an unappealing and unhygienic appearance.

Strawberries are also beneficial to your skin due to their high vitamin C content. They simultaneously have a lovely fragrance and provide the skin with a beautiful softness.

Homemade strawberry scrub

There are several DIY strawberry scrubs that you may make, but the ones that work best are those that include sugar, oatmeal, or coconut.

Moisten your skin with water, then massage the scrub in a circular motion over the desired region. Finally, leave it on for a few minutes before removing it with warm or cold water.

How to use strawberry for skin whitening

Strawberries are also beneficial for whitening the skin and evening out the complexion. That is due, in part, to the salicylic acid contained in it, which works on discolored spots caused by the sun, aging, or waxing.

You can reduce freckles and improve your complexion by reducing or eliminating this kind of discoloration.

This time, two recipes may assist you:

Strawberry juice

  1. Blend three or four fresh strawberries, then add a little water to the mixture.
  2. Rub the ointment onto the region you wish to lighten with a cotton pad and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Finally, remove with plenty of warm water.

Is it true that eating strawberries clean your complexion? Strawberries also contain a lot of vitamin C, which contributes to the lightening of the skin. They have over 50% of your daily vitamin C requirement in just one serving.

Whitening mask

  1. In a blender, combine a few strawberries (3 would be enough) and 1 tablespoon of honey with half a freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Apply the mask to your skin and leave it on for approximately 20 minutes.

It would be best not to expose yourself to the sun while doing this therapy for dark spots not to develop.

How to use strawberry as a natural toner and moisturizer

Nothing beats regular use of facial toner and a moisturizing lotion to keep your complexion looking young and vibrant.

Strawberries are an excellent natural option for both of these objectives simultaneously, as they tone the skin, cleanse it thoroughly, seal open pores, and refresh it while also moisturizing it from within.

Facial tonic

To make a facial tonic out of strawberries, combine 2 tablespoons of freshly blended strawberry juice with 3, and 1/2 teaspoons rose water, another fantastic product to keep your face clean, pure, and beautiful.

How to use strawberry on your skin as a natural anti-acne treatment

Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, flavonoids, and salicylic acid are just a few of the nutrients present in strawberries that may treat and improve acne on the skin.

The oils on the skin's surface are pure and unadulterated, but they can accumulate with time due to pollution and stress. Oily skin can be improved or even eliminated by using a strawberry face mask.

Fortunately, these strawberry nutrients help the pores maintain their balance by removing impurities, preventing pimple outbreaks, and combating sebaceous gland hyperactivity, which is responsible for increasing oil on the skin.

Strawberry face mask for acne

  1. Prepare an acne mask with strawberries in under 10 minutes by mashing 5 strawberries with a fork and adding 1 tablespoon of honey, which helps you fight impurities while also moisturizing the skin.
  2. After you've cleaned your face, apply the paste and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. To see the effects, repeat this process 2 times a week.

How to use strawberry as protection against UV rays

Some studies have found that strawberries are suitable for your skin. That is because they protect you from the sun's rays.

Strawberries seem to protect the DNA in cells from the damage caused by excessive sunshine exposure; the anthocyanins in strawberries, which are the pigments that give them their distinctive red color, may be the culprit. They also contain ellagic acid, salicylic acid that helps to protect your skin from the sun rays.

To protect your skin from UV rays, you only need the strawberry extract and a few other ingredients.

You can make this mask in 10 minutes:

  1. Blend 3 strawberries and add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/2 avocado, which moisturizes the skin, and mash everything until smooth.
  2. Add one teaspoon lemon juice and mix again. Apply the mask on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Remove with plenty of warm water.

How to use strawberry as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle remedy

Thanks to their antioxidant content, strawberries can help you become younger and rejuvenated, which promotes cell renewal and prevents collagen destruction caused by free radicals.

Collagen and elastin fibers are present in the skin's dermis layer and are essential for maintaining its youthfulness. When they break down, fine lines and wrinkles appear on the surface of the skin.

It also implies that they can stop wrinkle formation from appearing prematurely, so the skin will not age prematurely. Strawberries also help to reduce fine lines.

  1. You can put strawberry juice on your face. It should be about 3 times a week.
  2. You can also make a mask by crushing 3 strawberries and mixing them with 1 tablespoon of honey or olive oil.
  3. Spread a thin layer of the mixture on your clean face and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

How to use strawberry to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

All the time, dark circles and bags beneath the eyes suggest a weary and exhausted look to our face, which has a detrimental influence on our appeal. Strawberries are high in anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help unclog the region and make these problems less visible, giving the eyes more vitality.

To fight dark circles and bags, apply a few cold strawberries to the eye contour area and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.


Strawberries are a great way to help your skin stay healthy and beautiful. They can be used as an astringent, anti-inflammatory, or protection from the sun's UV rays.

If you want more information on how you can benefit your skin and body, make sure to read our articles!

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M D.