How to seduce a man without saying a word

How to seduce a man without saying a word

How to seduce a man without saying a word? Being seductive for many women is innate, but it isn't easy to achieve for others.

However, there are many techniques that you can learn and perfect along the way to become that seductive woman you wish to be.

The infallible weapon of seduction is to show confidence and security to the person you are attracted to. Even if you don't have a super body, you can be seductive by being sensual and attractive. To do this, dress elegantly and colorfully, have an upright posture when walking, and maintain exquisite manners. ( Trusted Sources 1*2*)

Do you want to know how to seduce men? The way you look, walk, laugh, or talk are the keys to seduction and the way you dress. We will explain below the best ways to achieve it.

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What does seduction mean?

Seduction is the act of persuading a person, using personal resources, to establish an intimate relationship.

Every human possesses seduction resources such as physical appearance, verbal or non-verbal language, cognitive aspects, shyness, spontaneity, and originality.

Women have always used seduction as a weapon to conquer men. For women, the man's acceptance becomes primordial since they seek to feel loved.

A seductive woman makes a man go crazy under her charms and weapons. However, to seduce, you must know yourself.

You must know the level of self-esteem you have. With your self-esteem high, you will better be able to show your charms and skills, both in your physical appearance and in your non-verbal language.

To seduce a man, a seductive woman does not think about what she wants and desires. She thinks and takes into account what the seduced man needs emotionally. ( 3*)

Keys to seduce a man (seduction techniques)

How to seduce a man without saying a word

You must be aware that you are unique and must know you to seduce a man. With just a bit of awareness, you will find you are seductive.

Learn to listen

In the art of seduction, it is essential to be attentive to what your partner tells you. You have to have expressions of appreciation in each of the feats, skills, or things he tells you.

Avoid having a critical attitude avoiding comments like: "I don't think it's good," "how bad?", "Why did you do it?"

Learn to be sexy, sensual, and seductive

These are some key things that drive men crazy. But, of course, you can be the woman who doesn't necessarily have a super body that makes you feel sexy.

Body language is essential to seducing a man. For example, a seductive woman has a graceful walk. Therefore, it would be best to learn to be loose and natural in your body movements.

Still, you can be sensual and seductive by changing your dressing style, forgetting about baggy and shapeless clothes, uncovering your cleavage with tight collars. Another way to do this is to wear heels, flirt with your hair, and wiggle as you walk.

Look for eye contact.

To show your interest in a man, exchange glances with him. The more you look him in the eye, the more you will establish confidence and seduce him even more.

However, this weapon will not attract him since the eyes are very expressive and transmit enthusiasm.

Eye contact not only helps you seduce, but you deepen the relationship you have with the other person. Exchange glances each time you speak to you, and you will create intimacy.

Finally, you can enhance your eyes by applying appropriate makeup, using eye shadows that you like the most because this detail will encourage his curiosity and make him look at you again.

Be confident

Confident women can seduce any man simply by walking, and you will see how you will give off a sensual aura.

You don't have to be perfect to be attractive, and you can feel and look sensual and seductive with just a little effort.

If you know you're beautiful, you will attract the opposite sex without losing your femininity.

Be in a good mood

To make a man feel more motivated, you must remove any aspect that indicates sadness, melancholy, sorrow, or anguish from your facial expression.

No man will be comfortable with a woman who has these negative words. Remember that humor is the best aphrodisiac.

Men like women who make them laugh, who are interested in them. Although you should keep your laughter at an appropriate level and not laugh at every word, he says.

Don't fake smile. Don't you know why guys ask you every time you're smiling? They like you when you're in a good mood. They want happy women.

Even if you don't feel like it, you should always put on your best face and be in a good mood to make them feel comfortable. That's the key!  

Be flirtatious

Learn to use flirting as a weapon of seduction but without overdoing it. If you overemphasize when flirting, you can end up being vulgar.

Tease without letting it be evident that you are crazy about this person. You will arouse sexual tension by being flirty.

Take care of your image.

Men like women who take care of their image. You will not catch a man's attention if you don't wear perfume, makeup or if you keep the same hairstyle as always.

That does not mean that you have to be perfect 24 hours a day and be well-groomed at all times but pay attention to your image and enhance your natural beauty.

Other women can make you look like you didn't take a shower, and you'll see how you repel men. Be confident, and you will be seductive without saying a word.

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Women who stay in shape by exercising regularly and adopting a lifestyle focused on wellness and health attract even more attention and help you seduce a man quickly.

By exercising, you will feel comfortable in your own skin, have more energy, be happier, and feel great about yourself.

Speak with measure 

Seduction is about charming the person and not scaring them away. So please, don't talk dirty.

You don't want to create awkward situations. You don't want to give a sexual connotation to your conversation so you can be misconstrued.

Men like women who have conversational topics. But do not start conversations about your expectations of marriage, sex, money, dreams of motherhood because you might spoil the moment.

For that reason, learn to wait because your partner may get scared if you rush.

Control the distance

A seductive woman knows how to control the physical distance and manages to keep the look a few seconds longer without becoming intimidating. You can maintain physical contact if you do not make the other person uncomfortable.

Feel self-confident

During the seduction process, try to be sure of yourself, what you are doing, and saying. Be careful not to be arrogant, though.

The man you are seducing has to feel needed and want to provide for you, so don't show arrogance. Instead, maintain a balance between the need for protection and security.

Show yourself to be a little humble and indifferent

Humility is a highly effective weapon in seduction. Men like to feel that they are the one who is conquering and never realize that he is seduced. You have to be elusive since men are not attracted to easy things.

Wear good lingerie

Lingerie is also a weapon of seduction. When it comes to seducing a man, wear underwear with a lace design that has visual harmony with your skin tone. Don't even think of wearing cotton lingerie that looks old-fashioned.

Show yourself to be mysterious.

A mysterious woman creates an interest in men that drives them crazy. Keep a distance and don't show who you are in the first meeting.

Then, gradually reveal your personality as he gains confidence in you. It is a great tip to seduce a man.

Men love a challenge, so let him discover you little by little. Let him do his part and make an effort to win you over.


Even if you are pretty, you will not appear attractive if you lack confidence. A confident woman has incredible powers of seduction. Self-confidence makes a woman so much more appealing.

Have an upright posture

Posture is fundamental. You have to walk with a confident attitude and correct posture.

For example, when you are sitting in front of a man, you can cross your legs or uncross them (without showing anything), as these are positive signals for seduction.

Aspects that you should consider to be a seductive woman



¿Do you want to seduce a man? For men, a sincere and authentic smile makes a woman incredibly irresistible. A genuine smile produces immediate sex appeal.


Keeping your gaze directly on a man provokes chemical reactions and accelerates his heart rate.

Holding the visual contact for more than 8.2 seconds signifies that the man cannot resist your charms.


According to research, it has been confirmed that men are not only satisfied with a woman's physique. Nowadays, women seduce them more with their intelligence.


Body odor can be a sexual attraction. A person with an unpleasant aroma is associated with socially undesirable traits.

Scents' influence on our brain is vital to choosing a partner. Our body often responds to chemical stimuli such as odors.

However, be careful when choosing a scent because you can charm or scare away the man you like so much.

To achieve this, apply a good amount of perfume but do not overdo it, and do not forget to use it on your neck. Men's favorite scents are in jasmine, lavender, and vanilla notes.

The way you walk

A woman with a sexy gait directly influences how you are perceived because it communicates your genetic strength.

It also shows that you are a healthy and confident woman, making you much more attractive.

Healthy skin

Well-groomed, healthy skin shows a woman to be in good health. Likewise, a man needs to know that his offspring will be healthy too.

For this reason, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables so that you maintain a healthy color on your face.

Good manners

Behave like an educated lady. Learn to listen and speak pleasantly to show your good manners, which will make you look more attractive.

Things to avoid if you want to be a seductive woman

Lack of finesse

Men pay a lot of attention to feminine delicacy. Guys dislike some behaviors that are typical of the male gender. It is an essential tip to seduce a man.

Personal carelessness

Your appearance says a lot about you. Try not to overdo it with makeup, do not wear too many extravagant clothes. Be careful with your choice of wardrobe and never forget your hygiene.


When speaking, avoid imprudence. Would you mind thinking before you say so that you do not regret anything later, especially with the person you want to seduce?

Lies and exaggeration

Women who boast too much or are lying to look good are ultimately unbearable. To seduce a man, do it with an authentic essence and not deceit.


You have to put aside insecurity and transform it into confidence to be seductive. Believe in your potential and keep the value you deserve.


Men cannot stand jealous women, so it is best to apply self-control when you feel jealous. You should avoid causing a rejection effect that hurts you.

Be intense

When you approach a man, do it naturally, be careful not to speed up or push him because you will get him to run away from you.

How to dress to be a seductive woman

The way you dress when seducing a man is essential. To have a seductive appearance, first, you have to know your style and choose the garment that makes you feel comfortable without feeling disguised.

If you do not feel comfortable, you will cause the opposite effect.

The style of your outfit will be something daring, insinuating to show the potential of your body. You will achieve this by wearing:

  • Plunging necklines.
  • Shorts or short skirts.
  • Flashy clothes.
  • Tight-fitting clothes.
  • Extravagant makeup.
  • Intense colors.
  • Voluminous hairstyles.
  • High heels. It is rare to see a seductive woman with flat shoes.

Wear clothes like sequins, feathers, rhinestones, and, of course, an animal print garment.

Enhance your sensuality

Lingerie is one of the most seductive garments. It is pointless to dress well outside, and your underwear is old-fashioned and unsexy. The most appropriate and sensual lingerie is lacey.

Accompany it with a matching bra. If you want to enhance your bust, opt for a push-up.

Provocative clothing

When going out at night for dinner, choose a mini skirt or tight pants. You can also select a low-cut transparent blouse while always keeping a balance.

If the lower part is the one that attracts the most attention, the upper part should be more discreet and vice versa. The back is desirable; choose a dress with an open back to highlight it.

More seductive colors

As clothing plays a fundamental role in seduction, color is also essential. One of the most common colors to seduce is red. It shows passion, mystery, and strength.

Although you can use intense and daring colors that suit your skin tone, try to use them in the upper part of your outfit.

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The seductive style for women is the one where the clothes show off your figure, so it deserves some rules such as:

  • Tight-fitting garments at the waist.
  • Do not exaggerate the shortness of the dress or skirt. It should be above the knee, which is acceptably short but not beyond.
  • Necklines should be pronounced, but without being scandalous.


A seductive woman is noticeably confident to use bolder prints such as animal prints. They look beautiful. But you should never have two different types on; they should be in neutral or metallic tones.


A seductive style includes shiny objects and long and well-groomed hair. But you have to be careful; you can not go overboard with accessories or glitter.

It is best only to use a few simple accessories, such as a belly chain instead of a necklace and matching earrings.


The image that characterizes the seductive style is bright red lips. However, you can choose the perfect one according to your skin tone.

It is also advised you naturally leave the eyes and face without too much makeup; you do not want to look like you are going out for Halloween.


Now that you know the keys to being a better seductress, put them into practice to seduce that man you desire so much.

Remember that physical beauty is not the only means contributing to seductive women. After reading this text, other aspects contribute to it, and you should learn them.

Medically reviewed and approved by Clinical Psychologist and President of PsicoLuz Integral Psychology Luzmery Romero.