Effortless Weight Loss Tricks Guide

weight loss tricks
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Effortless Weight Loss Tricks Guide

First of all, if you've done everything to lose weight, tried the most sophisticated diets, or the most complicated, and you haven't achieved your goal, try some weight-loss tricks that won't hurt you and will surprise you for how simple they are.

One of the things we always insist on is that it takes a little effort and will for everything in life, and losing weight is no exception. But sometimes following a regime becomes a martyrdom from which it is necessary to escape, even if it is to change the air. It can be done by fooling the brain once in a while. Besides... ¡¡without dieting!!

Follow these tricks and check their Effectiveness!

weight loss tricks

Use blue plates

Blue is proven to be the least appetizing in the spectrum and is also the appetite suppressant color. Apparently we are not accustomed to eating blue foods, so in our brain, we have no information about it. Try eating on plates of this color, you'll see that you eat less.

Drink water

Many times, the brain interprets the signs of thirst as signs of hunger. Before each meal drink a glass, and when you feel a craving, drink water and wait 15 minutes; most cravings go away after this time (but if they don't go away, eat).

Vary your exercise routine

Every week change your routine because your muscles "get used to" and you start burning 25 % fewer calories. Be creative, this is also part of the weight-loss tricks!

Relax and smile

Yes, even if you don't believe it, smiling - or better, laughing out loud - reduces levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, and causes fat storage in the abdomen. And relaxation helps you control your appetite and cravings, so indulge yourself and take a relaxing bath once a week.

Take a deep breath

If you take 5 minutes every hour to take a deep breath, you will burn 25% more fat. It is no lie, deep breathing "programs" the cellular mitochondria into amplifying the burning of calories.

Eat before you go shopping

When you go to the supermarket, don't buy hungry: you'll put extra things in the cart, not just the healthiest ones.

Use fruits

Get used to snacking with fruits, even the most caloric ones such as bananas or mangos are better than a candy full of cream. Keep tangerines, apples or pears handy, and eat them whole or in pieces.

Enjoy the food

When you eat don't do anything else, don't read, don't watch TV, don't talk about business, eat. This relaxes the nervous system and focuses attention on what you are doing, so feel the flavors and chew well and slowly. The slower you eat, the less you will eat and the signal will reach the brain of ready!

Many times it is simpler than we think, put into practice these weight-loss tricks and your body will thank you.

Besides, if you are determined to change your body forever and maintain a slim, healthy figure, I recommend that you follow our advice.

Of course, you have to follow the most appropriate diet for you. This will help you first detoxify the body and your liver, so you can lose weight much faster later.

You have several eating plans that you can modify according to your preferences, and you will learn the most powerful strategies to help you lose weight along with different types of exercises that you can alternate and vary as you progress with the results.

Finally, it is a complete and integral solution to attack fat from all possible angles and make sure you never recover it again.