Hourglass Body, Tips to Wear your Best!

Hourglass body

Hourglass-shaped bodies are the most desirable, but they're also the hardest to achieve. In a world where women's bodies are constantly scrutinized and criticized for being too fat or too thin, hourglass body shape bodies have become even more of a rarity. 

The Hourglass Body Shape Program is an easy-to-follow workout routine that will help you get in shape and lose weight so you can look like your favorite celebrities with an hourglass body! Burn calories fast while toning up all over with this fun exercise plan designed by celebrity fitness trainer Anna Victoria.

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What is the hourglass body type?

The shoulders and hips have nearly the same measures in hourglass-shaped people, whereas the waist is significantly narrower.

If your waist is at least 25% narrower than your shoulders or bust, you have an hourglass body (if you divide your waist measurement by your shoulders or bust, it should be less than or equal to 0.75). This body type is very proportionate and feminine.

What should hourglass body shapes wear?

Are you looking for a way to show off your style in an hourglass silhouette? These tips can help you.

  • Choose necklines that are round or V-shaped.
  • Wear fitted tops or blouses
  • Avoid oversize style garments
  • Don't make your hips and shoulders appear bigger.
  • Don't use excessive prints or ruffles on your dress.

Avoid wearing overly large and shapeless clothing. These clothes will make you seem bigger than you indeed are.

Make a note of the neckline. Choosing a round or V-neck will help you look slimmer. Avoid wearing overly thick clothes in your chest region. And don't wear high necks! In this case, less is, is much more!.

Your aim will always be to strike the right balance between your silhouette's sensuality and its apparentness. It's great to highlight the hourglass form of your body, as long as it isn't overdone

What tops and blouses are most flattering on an hourglass body?

The V-neckline is exceptionally flattering, slimming the figure while boosting the chest without adding volume. In general, blouses or fitted tops with wide necks (but not too much), V-necks, rounds or squares, and V-necklines in the back are appropriate.

Oversize or extra volume is not acceptable. I advise you not to wear frills or ruffles on the chest of blouses.

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Which jeans are the most suitable for an hourglass body?

Pants with a cut on the hips have gone to a better life with you. But, unfortunately, they only make your hips appear larger and tilt your figure. Jeans can be straight, thin, or boot cut, but keep the waist-high.

Which pants look best on you?

High-waist pants are your allies because they enhance the appearance of your waist. They widen the width of your hips visibly, so no low-rise pants for you! You may wear any trousers, although straight, boot cut or skinny pants are ideal.

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What style of dress is most flattering on an hourglass body?

Make the most of your curves! Fitted dresses are made to complement your figure. They're designed with delicate patterns, primary hues, and no additional volume that might make you appear oversize.

Fitted dresses are designed for you, V-neckline wrap dresses, delicate prints, and primary hues being some examples. Fabric that drapes well is preferable to a stiff material.

Avoid clothing that is too tight or are near the body: no wide cap sleeves or slinky dresses with a high waistline. Likewise, avoid dresses with volume or ones that are overly full.

What are the best skirts for an hourglass figure?

High-waisted and tightly fitted at the hips are your best bet. Is there a perfect length for an hourglass physique? Always keep in mind the knees! What is more sexual? Flared or A-line styles can look fantastic on you.

Where do hourglass shapes gain weight?

Curvy, hourglass figures have the definition of their waist and the significance of their top and bottom as their most distinguishing feature.

When they put on weight, hourglass women tend to gain pounds above and below, but they tend to put on weight in the hips like almost all women.

Can I achieve an hourglass body?

Yes, you can get an hourglass body shape if you want to. You can get it through exercise and a healthy diet. That means you won't have to worry about getting fat and you'll still manage to be healthy all the while!

Be careful you don't put on too much weight, or you'll lose that desired shape! You can get it back by working out and eating right, but you may need some help from a nutritional supplement.

Tips to get an hourglass figure

To get an hourglass shape, you need to do specific exercises that target your abs and waist. By doing crunches, you can create a defined waist while working out your lower body by lifting weights.

Remember, you also have to watch what you eat to get the hourglass shape you desire. Also, remember you don't have to lower your body fat percentage down to dangerous levels to be healthy.


It's never good for you to gain weight and then lose it again because you could harm your health in the process, so you should always stay at the correct weight and maintain it over time.

The Hourglass Body Shape Program

This workout routine is designed to help you tone your belly, improving your body shape. If you are starting, start with the first level of exercises and gradually advance to higher levels as you get stronger.

You'll have fewer curves if you lack a well-defined waist. Here's how you can define your abs and create a gorgeous hourglass shape:


The sit-up is an old-fashioned move you can do at home without any equipment. If you're a beginner, you should start by lying on the floor with your hands behind your head and extending your legs. 

When you do this exercise correctly, you won't use momentum to swing your legs up, so you'll be forced to use your ab muscles.

The bicycle crunch

Start by lying on your back, hands behind your neck with both legs extended towards the ceiling. Now bring your knees to touch one side of your chest while turning your head and shoulders to touch the other knee. Do this exercise slowly for maximum effect!

The plank

This core exercise is probably the most famous of all you can do to tone up your abs. To make it easier, you can put your knees on the floor instead of keeping both legs extended (the most challenging version).

Once you've mastered the basic movements, you can make it more challenging by extending one leg at a time or touching your elbows to your knees rather than your hands.

As you get stronger, you should try exercising with just one leg extended to challenge yourself!

Abdominal machine crunch

This movement is a very effective workout you can do at the gym. Sit on the machine and adjust it so that you're lying at a 30-degree angle.

You can try keeping your legs straight, or you can bend them at the knee to prevent stress on the hamstrings.

Oblique V-up

The oblique V-up is a great core workout you can do using just an exercise ball, and you don't need any equipment. Start by balancing on the ball with your feet flat on the floor while extending your arms straight out in front of you or to the sides. 

Now lift your feet off the floor as you tuck your chin towards your chest and simultaneously raise one hand while you lower the other. Repeat the exercise until you have reached 30 repetitions on each side.

Cardio exercises

Your cardio workouts don't need to be complicated. You can get a great workout by simply walking around your neighborhood, or you can go up and down the stairs in your building. Many people find that dancing is also an excellent way to get fit!

All you have to do is perform these exercises regularly (3 times per week), and you'll notice you're getting stronger every week you stick to this fitness workout.

As you can see you don't need any special equipment for these exercises and you don't need to spend hours at the gym. Try them out!


The hourglass body shape is one of the most coveted shapes for women, and it's no coincidence. An hourglass figure gives a woman curves in all the right places without sacrificing her waistline or bust size. It also looks great on both tall and short people!

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