Aerobic Exercises and heart rate. How to Use Them Correctly

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Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise and heart rate? "Walk before you go to sleep" is a very popular quote that is fundamental to our health.

To look fit and have a healthy heart, we need to exercise regularly.

Mesure your pulsation

Does cardiovascular exercise help protect your body against possible cardiac arrest, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, back pain, etc?

Therefore, and being fundamental to our body and health, let's look at cardiovascular exercise in detail.


The main objective of doing cardiovascular exercise is to have the ideal heart rate and have a good heart rate for our heart.

Let's see how to measure our heart rate.

  • Place the index and ring fingers on the part of the wrist where you can locate the position of the pulse.
  • Then count the heartbeats for fifteen seconds and multiply that number by four.
  • That tells you the rhythm of your heart.
  • To know our ideal heart rate, we subtract our age of two hundred and twenty.

It is easy to achieve your desired heart rate through regular cardiovascular exercise.

There are several aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, biking and jumping and exercises with elliptical machines, etc.

Here is a video where this doctor of Heart Fit Clinic explains the importance of exercise for the heart rate.

Aerobic Exercises


Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and easily adapts to the lifestyle of most people.

It can be done by anyone at any age. Initially, start walking at a medium pace and increase it gradually.

Then finish the exercise by walking briskly.

So that we can reach our ideal rhythm, try to walk on steep slopes, which will help us increase our heart rate.


Bicycle exercise is very similar to walking; we just have to practice it with the bicycle.

During the cycling exercise, we always feel happy, as you can see the landscape, so it will be very difficult to bore us.

Find an area that has a slope suitable for us and practice cycling, so that we can improve our level of endurance and increase our heart rate.

Among the many benefits of doing this exercise, you have to strengthen our strength and agility.


As we practice this exercise in the water, it becomes easier for our bodies and joints.

During swimming, the water sustains our body and its action comes as a consequence of the natural resistance of the water.

Each time you swim, it varies between different styles to vary the muscles you work. Ir is an excellent aerobic exercise.

It is very good for cardiovascular health and will also increase our heart rate faster than any other exercise.


An elliptical machine is a stationary machine that is used to walk or run without causing excessive pressure on the joints.

When practicing on an elliptical machine, you feel natural body movements as similar to running on the road.


Creates a safe workout by reducing stress and impact on our muscles and joints.

The duration of any aerobic workout exercise must be between a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum period of 1 hour.

Cardio exercise and heart rate are a couple you have to keep in mind if you want to live a healthy life.

If you do this regularly, not only will you have a healthier heart, but you will also have a slender body.

Your health will be rewarded and you will be much less likely to get sick.