What fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin b12?

Can we find vitamin B12 in fruits and vegetables?

Can you find vitamin B12 in vegan foods like fruits and vegetables? Vitamin B12 can be found naturally in meat and dairy products. However, we cannot find it in veggies.

Have you ever wondered which fruits and vegetables contain vitamin B12? Unfortunately, we have to tell you that this vitamin is not found in such foods since they do not contain significant body values in vegetable-origin foods. However, it is an indispensable supplement for the development of these foods.

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Is vitamin B12 essential?

What should I eat to get vitamin b12? Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for living organisms. It contributes significantly to the development of DNA, the formation of blood cells, and helps the nervous system considerably.

What happens when your vitamin B12 is low? According to several studies, including one from Harvard University, a lack of this vitamin can lead to severe health issues (Reliable sources 1*2*3*.)

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Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause severe, sometimes irreversible, neurological damage:

  • Peripheral nerves are often the first to be affected, and patients may complain of paresthesias.
  • Also, the spine is damaged, and can sometimes result, as mentioned above, in paresthesia.
  • The lack of vitamin B12 in our body can lead to the complex neurological syndrome.
  • It also causes megaloblastic anemia; in this case, this anemia will react well to vitamin B12 injections.

 For these reasons, we always recommend that instead of practicing veganism, you start a vegetarian diet. This diet is much more flexible, and you will not have to take vitamin B12 supplements.

If you are determined to start a vegan life, you should consider taking vitamin B12 supplements.

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Now, what foods have vitamin B12?

How can I get a b12 naturally? We can find vitamin B12 in abundance in meat and dairy products, although we can obtain most of this vitamin by eating the meat of marine life, such as clams or lobsters.

If you're a vegan or refuse to eat meat, don't worry! You can get protein by being vegan, too, and by being a little flexible, you can get vitamin B12 by taking some dairy products.

For example, cheese is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and can be found in any cheese, while cheese, for obvious reasons, is produced from milk.

Below is a shortlist of foods with vitamin B12 that you can probably eat without any problems.

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What should I eat to get vitamin b12?

What foods are rich in vitamin b12? Now I'm going to leave you with a list of the richest foods in vitamin B12 and a table with more suggested foods.


Clams represent the peak of vitamin B12, becoming the food with the highest concentration of vitamin B12 that exists, having approximately 1,600 grams of this supplement.

Although many of us consider that we can only get clams in a coastal area, the truth is that we can buy them in any store near our homes.

Lamb's Liver

Lamb brings a high concentration of Vitamin B12, specifically the liver being the source of this supplement. We all know that the clams only surpass the other food with more vitamin B12 in the world.

The Caviar

Caviar is the third food that contains this supplement, being far below the clams and lamb liver, but still superior to other foods. The next foods that follow are mussels, octopus, oysters, salmon, crab, tuna, and lobsters, among other kinds of seafood.

But wait! I don't like sea animals! As we said, don't worry; in general, cheese and dairy products are other sources of vitamin B12.

Chicken's egg

Eggs are another source of vitamin B12; however, we can only find approximately 33 grams, while, in sea creatures, it is present between 500 and 1,000 grams, being an incredible difference.

Now I will leave you a table with more foods rich in this vitamin so essential for our body's correct functioning.

Table with other foods rich in vitamin B12

Foods with vitamin B12Mcg/100g
Lamb's liver1410
vitamin b12 can be found in cereals

Do you still wonder what fruits and vegetables have vitamin B12? We've been about to include some cereals that contain vitamin B12. Their content is so low that you'd have to overdose. That would lead to another set of problems, especially if you have diabetes.

But wait, what if I eat meat. Will I get fat? Well, in fact, not really, at least not if you eat moderately and watch your cooking. Remember, you have to cook meats grilled, roasted, grilled, or boiled.

That does not mean that you need large amounts of meat to absorb vitamin B12; you can manage to subtract these natural supplements with a small amount.

Finally, I want to tell you that if your purpose is to lead a healthy life and diet, you can find more nutritious foods in our article "The best 22 foods according to science".