Vegetarian Diet Example, It Will Change Your Life!

vegetarian example
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What can you eat on a vegetarian diet?. The weekly menu for a healthy vegetarian diet

Example of a Vegetarian Diet? Now that you know the types of vegetarianism that exist, we will explain how to join this popular lifestyle.

If you have identified yourself with the ovo-Lacto-vegetarian modality, these recipes are for you, and you will be able to prepare them with simple and economic ingredients.

Nor will you need culinary skills to carry out this example of a vegetarian diet.

Remember that you can start your transition as a vegetarian until 6 pm or as a flexitarian, and include these recipes only a few days a week.

The plan described below is based on a diet of approximately 1200 calories and is ideal for promoting weight loss.

The structure comes with three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) accompanied by two snacks, one after breakfast and one after lunch for a total of five meals throughout the day.

We remind you that if your motivation is not weight loss, you can increase the number of calories.

Remember, the vegetarian diet goes beyond a plan to get the desired body image, it's a lifestyle.

How do you balance a Vegetarian Diet?. Example of a Vegetarian Diet, Weekly plan


To start the week we will include in our breakfast one of the most famous, rich, and nutritious items of the vegetarian community: oats.

To give more flavor and color to the dish, we will add half an apple (or other fruit, but keeping a low proportion) and the nuts of your preference.

We will cook the oatmeal with half a glass of milk. If you want to give it a special touch, you can add a little cinnamon.

This breakfast has about 320 calories.

By mid-morning, you can eat the leftover portion of the breakfast apple, which contains no more than 50 calories.

For lunch, we will prepare a delicious and fresh salad.

This one has two glasses of the "greens" of your preference (lettuce, spinach, etc), half a dozen cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumber, feta cheese and we decorate with nuts.

The amount of calories in this dish is similar to breakfast.

If you want to season your salad we suggest combining balsamic vinegar with a little olive oil.

In the middle of the afternoon, you can have a yogurt snack without sugar (it can be Greek or some natural variant) and chopped fruit, such as strawberry or apple.

This snack contains 80 calories.

We will end the day with a mozzarella cheese sandwich, to which we can add some kind of vegetable, zucchini or spinach are recommended.

To keep it as healthy as possible, we recommend using whole wheat bread and toasting it to add texture.


On Tuesday we can start our day with a sweet breakfast that will fill us with energy for the day.

Use yogurt mixed with quarter granola and decorate with some red fruits.

This dish contains about 260 calories.

As a morning snack, we suggest incorporating some fruit, such as tangerine.

We will continue our day with lunch based on toast.

We will prepare them with tomato, spinach or basil, the cheese of your preference, cucumber, carrot gratin and decorate with nuts.

Here we'll be consuming less than 350 calories.

In the afternoon we can have a snack with nuts.

The day will end with a dinner that is characterized by quickly satiating the appetite, and keeping us full throughout the night.

Prepare two toasts of whole wheat bread with black beans cooked and previously seasoned.

This last meal has 400 calories.

If we want to include some kind of candy throughout the day we can eat a small handful of dark chocolate chips.


In the middle of the week, we will add another quick and sweet breakfast: toasted peanut butter, banana, or plantains in pieces and cinnamon.

To make them we simply have to toast the bread and add the ingredients on the surface. In this way, we will start the day with 250 calories.

In the middle of the morning, we can eat an egg (preparation to taste, avoiding the use of oil) with a little salt and pepper.

The number of calories varies depending on the mode of preparation. For example, boiled is 80 calories.

For lunch in this example of a vegetarian diet, we recommend preparing again the suggested salad for Monday.

You can prepare it in large quantities and store it in the refrigerator, thus saving time in the kitchen and avoid falling into the temptation of junk food.

The snack will be composed of Greek yogurt and a handful of red fruits, equivalent to 100 calories.

For dinner we prepare gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce, ending the day with 430 calories.


We start the day with a cup of Greek yogurt, granola, and nuts; and in the middle of the morning, we will consume a handful of these nuts.

So far we'll be taking 350 calories.

At lunch let's prepare a healthy vegetarian version of Mexican food that doesn't exceed 450 calories.

On a plate, we will put brown rice, black beans, (cilantro, tomato, and onion chopped into very small pieces) and cheddar cheese.

Add lemon and olive oil to taste.

In the snack, we will consume a portion of fruit, such as strawberries or tangerines, which do not exceed 100 calories.

For dinner, we suggest mixing a cup of the leftover gnocchi from the previous day with two cups of mixed green leaves - lettuce, kale, herringbone, etc.


We will end the week with a breakfast based on toast - which is ideal for the morning because it keeps us full and quick to prepare.

After toasting the bread, add pieces of avocado and a scrambled egg. This breakfast ranges from 270 to 300 calories.

In the middle of the morning, we can have another toast, but this time with hummus, which is rich in protein.

For lunch, we suggest a wrap of pita bread stuffed with apple and cheddar cheese, typical autumn flavors.

We can add inside the green leaves of our preference. The calories of this creative dish are 350.

Our snack will consist of a handful of nuts.

Finally, we will incorporate in our dinner a piece of pita bread from lunch, two cups of sautéed spinach, brown rice, and some vegetarian protein such as tofu or soy meat.

Both alternatives are easy to prepare and can be treated as a traditional meat preparation. This dinner has about 500 calories.

Saturday and Sunday

Here we recommend you to be flexible (WITHOUT EATING TOO MUCH), and make 5 meals each day, three of them choosing one of the already mentioned.

In the other two, we recommend that you give yourself a whim, you can choose what you want without taking astronomical quantities.

This will get you out of the routine of your diet and make it less monotonous, plus it won't make it any less effective.


This is just one example of a vegetarian diet, it will be very effective, whether you want to lose weight, or if your goal is to improve your health.

If there is food mentioned above that is not to your liking, change it for another one that you like. Always with similar caloric intake.

Here's a video where they give you the incredible benefits of being vegetarian.

Now we just want you to enjoy this type of food and your new healthy life. ¡¡Cheers!!